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There’s been a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) explosion, and the scene is growing within the UK. The biggest and baddest DFS company ahead of the game, FanDuel, was in fact first established by a UK-based enterprise.

The DFS audience is not as large as it is with our friends over in the US. However, there are a few companies that are leading the market here now. Here’s a quick breakdown of our Top 3 UK Daily Fantasy Sports Sites.

1. Mondogoal

Mondogoal Fantasy Sports Logo

Based in the Isle Of Man, Mondogoal is one of the first sites that pops up when you type ‘Daily Fantasy UK’ into Google. The site specialises in daily fantasy football and caters to UK players with full licensing. They’ve got a number of top investors amongst the likes of Google, eBay, and British Airways.

One of the main reasons why Mondogoal is one of our Top 3 UK Daily Fantasy Sports Sites is that its service is super flexible. You can game in tournaments or cash games, and across multiple football leagues, with the option to play with or without cash.

The site lets you play with people across the world; or your own friends. The players you’re able to choose from include English, Italian, USA, French, Spanish or tournament players. This makes for a great customised gaming experience.

Mondogoal uses Opta for their player stats, a very reputable organisation in the football industry. This allows for Mondogoal to update their player stats live, so players can keep up with the speed of the game and make quick adjustments to their strategy.

Overall, Mondogoal hits all the objectives when it comes to what you’d want from an online football fantasy experience; lots of services and customisations to choose from, and reputable backing.

Mondogoal Fantasy Sports Dashboard Screenshot

Stay updated with Mondogoal’s dashboard

Mondogoal has load of great features…
  • 200% Bonus up to £500 for all first-time depositors
  • Exciting Fantasy Premier League cash games
  • Most reliable statistics service to calculate player points
but it could do a little better.
  • Cashouts take two to seven business days
  • Mobile experience is not perfect yet

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2. PlayON

PlayON Fantasy Sports LogoNext up in our Top 3 UK Daily Fantasy Sports Sites is PlayON.

To say that PlayON’s site and user engagement is impressive would be an understatement. The site generates

To say that PlayON’s site and user engagement is impressive would be an understatement. The site generates fans from over 100 countries and it looks pretty neat. It’s been featured in The Sunday Times, The Financial Times and Web Summit.

The unique thing about PlayON, compared to our other contenders, is that it lets you partake in a few different sports; namely Cricket, Football, and Basketball. All games allow players a budget of $100 million and a good selection of players, which you can switch up daily. Football fans start with 11 players, including four Defenders and Midfielders. Cricket and Basketball players get 7 players per lineup.

Like Mondogoal, players have the choice to play with or without cash. There are hefty cash prizes, where winners can take 100% of all winnings in both head-to-head and multiplayer games.

The site is full of rich content for players to devour; there’s a constantly updated blog, whilst the interface is very user-friendly.
PlayON’s good aesthetics and interesting content make for a great online DFS experience. It’s no wonder so many people from around the globe are flocking to it.

PlayON Fantasy Sports - Pick teams dashboard screenshot

Pick your players with PlayON’s gorgeous interface

PlayON has good stuff going…
  • Beautiful software for picking players (see screenshot above)
  • £1,000 cash prizes to the top three fantasy managers each week!
  • Excellent customer service
but it could use extra spice.
  • Complicated navigation around the site
  • Fewer games to choose from than Mondogoal

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3. FanFeud

FanFued Fantasy Sports LogoSpecialising in 90-minute games, FanFeud is run by Irish based owners and has been around since 2011. The CEO and founder of the company is no dummy; skilled in digital marketing, he has a set of published books on football. He has also been featured in various sports websites, including the likes of Soccer International. This gaming site has definitely been cultivated with passion and expertise.

The game works by allowing you to view real, upcoming premier league games and make predictions on players. You can pick up to only five players, which is lower than what Mondogoal and PlayON offer. However, there’s absolutely no restriction on the players you choose between two teams. Once you make your selection of players, you can’t make any changes until the 90 minutes of the game is up. Player statistics are updated live according to Infostrada.

You can play for cash, without any budgets or salary caps. FanFeud operates on a positive and negative point scoring system. For example, a goal is 1+ point, whereas a red card is -1 point. The person with the most points at the end wins.

It’s no surprise then, that FanFeud has built itself an expanding user base. The site is very user-friendly; it looks sleek and has a dashboard for easy organisation and manoeuvring.

FanFued Fantasy Sports Football - Pick Teams Dashboard Screenshot

Collect player cards online with FanFeud

My favourite things about FanFeud are:
  • Best mobile app of the three, especially the iOS version
  • Fun player-cards interface
  • Instant payouts after every game
but I’d love to see more…
  • Relatively few games to play with
  • £3 entry fee for each game

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The main reason these sites are doing so well is because they capture and mould themselves against modern times. They’re fast paced and all of them feature mobile versions of the game – compatible with the quick, technological lifestyles we live today.

All three are great leading representatives of DFS in the UK; they certainly show that the audience for DFS does exist here. It is more than likely that the market will continue to grow, through Mondogoal, PlayON and FanFeud’s already carved path.

Still not found what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, there’s bound to be a DFS site out there for you! Why not check out…

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