Sportito Review

You’ve probably heard people in the DFS world kicking up a fuss about a newcomer to the scene, Sportito. Sportito isn’t yet playing in the big leagues with the likes of DraftKings, but it’s climbing up the ranks at an alarming rate, so there must be something special about it!

You might have seen our feature on this site back when it was first brought over to the UK at the end of last year. This time we’re doing a full in-depth review, to see if Sportito really is one of the best daily fantasy sports sites out there. Read on to find out if the hype’s justified, and if you should get a transfer to daily fantasy football’s hottest new signing.

Is this the true fantasy football experience?

The team behind Sportito are keen to emphasise that their experience is the real deal, but just how authentic actually is it?

One of the qualities that we expect from any DFS site is a great selection of leagues to choose from, and Sportito truly delivers on this measure. With a long list of leagues to draft from, you definitely won’t have to worry about lacking players here!

Also, even though the site was only launched in the UK last September, the Sportito team have been keen to make strong connections over here. They’re already the official fantasy sports partners of Burnley and Fulham football clubs, which is surely doing wonders for their reputation.

This kind of commitment shows that they’re in it for the long run, and suggests that Sportito might become a household name in years to come.

Sportito Fulham FC

Choosing a contest

Choosing a contest on Sportito couldn’t be easier – simply head to the lobby and you’ll have a great selection of paid and free games to choose from. You can contest matches from the English Premier League, La Liga, UEFA Champions League and many other tournaments.

You can also use the drop-down menus to filter your choice by tournament, fee, or type, and there are both daily and weekly competitions on offer.

Sportito lobby

The interface of Sportito isn’t quite as slick as some of the bigger sites, but this is unlikely to cause you any problems.

Everything is clear and well laid-out, but the process just isn’t as refined as you might have come to expect, especially if you’re a user of DraftKings.

Picking your team and scoring points

Again, picking your team on Sportito is really easy – you just select them from the list, which handily is searchable.

There’s a wide range of ways for players to earn points, including by average minutes played and points per game (PPG). You have full access to these stats when examining players, which is really helpful.

Thankfully, Sportito uses some of the most accurate statistics available, provided by a company called Sportradar. This gives you the confidence to know that you’re making your decisions based on the right information!

Sportito stats

Perhaps surprisingly, you won’t find any limits on rostering here at Sportito. This creates an experience which really is quite different from many other daily fantasy sports sites. That’s not the only thing that makes Sportito unique, however…

What’s on offer compared to other DFS sites?

What really sets Sportito apart from its competitors is the fact that there’s no salary cap.

This might sound like a strange way of running things, especially if you’re used to DraftKings, but it really encourages you to think about the way you play. The tactics you have to employ when playing Sportito are therefore quite different to those you might use on other DFS sites.

While this creates a unique experience, this approach isn’t for everyone. Many players we’ve spoken to prefer the limitations of the salary cap, but the only way to find out is by playing!

Another of Sportito’s distinctive attributes is that there’s no need for season long commitments. This really frees you up to play at times that suit you, and also means that you can cash out whenever you like.

Can I play while I’m on the move?

This is the question on everyone’s mind – anyone who’s ever been in the situation when you just need to change the lineup of one of your teams but can’t get to a computer will know how frustrating it is! Thankfully, Sportito makes this infuriation a thing of the past with its excellent mobile app.

You can use the app to challenge friends head-to-head, or to get stuck into any of your other games. Take it from us – it’s a real step up from the mobile site. The great news is that it’s available for both iOS and Android, so no matter what your choice of mobile phone, you won’t be left out!

Mobile app

Key promotions and special offers

As you’d probably expect, there are a few extra sweeteners for anyone who comes to play at Sportito. For example, there’s a 100% bonus on your first deposit, and if you refer a friend you’ll get a free £5 to play with.

Also, if you’re a fan of either Fulham or Burnley there’s great news for you, as simply by playing on Sportito you get a chance to win a ticket to every home game at Turf Moor or Craven Cottage.

This all sounds good, what’s the catch?

Because Sportito is still fairly new compared to the major players such as DraftKings, it doesn’t have the same established fanbase that you might be used to. For instance, while DraftKings has over 1 million Facebook fans, Sportito has only a meagre 22,000.

That being said, this means that Sportito has a friendlier atmosphere for beginners than the bigger sites. In fact, one of the key aims of the site is to protect new users from more experienced ones. No one likes being bullied by a shark!

What else is there, other than football?

Even the most dedicated football fan needs a break sometimes! If you want to add a bit of variety to your fantasy sports career then there’s plenty more on offer at Sportito – just take your pick from the following…

  • basketball
  • tennis
  • baseball
  • hockey
  • golf
  • MMA
  • NFL
  • NCAA Championships

It’s the ambition of the team behind Sportito to eventually offer more sports than any other DFS site, so watch this space! Next thing you know you might be biting your nails, waiting for the results from the week’s croquet fixtures!

This leads us to the question we’ve been waiting to answer…

Is Sportito really one of the best daily fantasy sports sites?

It’s still early days in Sportito’s career but it’s certainly had a promising start. If you fancy yourself as the next Mourinho and you want to try something a bit different to the bigger DFS sites, you owe it to yourself to give Sportito a try. Below we’ve summarised our final thoughts on this exciting new site. Happy playing!

 We liked:
  • Cash out at any time – no more waiting until the end of the season.
  • No salary cap – introduces a new way of playing.
  • Friendly for newcomers – this is a great way of attracting new players.
  • Wide range of sports – variety is the spice of life!
 …but they could improve:
    • Relatively small community of players – but this will grow with time.
    • No salary cap – not everyone will like this system.




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