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Premier Punt Review

DailyFantasyUK here with an in-depth Premier Punt review. Find out what makes this fun, hugely social daily fantasy football site tick – and why it could be right for you!

From bonuses to lineups, we’ve weighed up the positive and negative aspects of the site to give you an overall impression of this popular DFS hub. Without further ado, on with the Premier Punt review…

What Does Premier Punt Offer?

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Sportswise, Premier Punt focuses on daily fantasy football, which is great for the huge number of UK beautiful game fans. So really, what we’re more interested about here is which leagues Premier Punt provides.

At the moment Premier Punt offers contests for:

  • Premier League.
  • Champions League.
  • English Championship.

This isn’t as much choice as Mondogoal, which offers the most leagues of almost any site. In this respect, however, Premier Punt is similar to sites like Fanaments and FanFeud.

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Onto one of the most important parts of the Premier Punt review – what bonuses you can get for playing on this site!

Free Entry Cash Prize Games

Every week Premier Punt puts on contests that are free to enter but still have tempting cash prizes. The only thing better than winning cash is winning cash without an entry fee, after all.

No Deposit Bonus

Premier Punt doesn’t offer a deposit bonus for users. Though a deposit bonus isn’t the be all and end all of daily fantasy, it is a nice perk when you join a site. Most deposit bonuses have a time-limit and are released bit by bit, but it is good to get a little extra for playing!



Choosing a Contest

Screenshot of choosing a contest on Premier Punt

Choosing a contest on Premier Punt is a clear process. First, you choose a Game, then you make your Team, then you choose a Challenge.

There are three main Game types on Premier Punt:

  • Daily. The classic daily format, covering every football fixture on a given day.
  • Weekly. These contests include all football games on that week.
  • Single. If you want to create a lineup with players from one match you can in Single games!

You won’t find Single match options on most daily fantasy sites, so Premier Punt is worth noting for this. In a single match contest, you’ll roster 5 players from either team, instead of the starting XI of daily and weekly contests. Plus there is no team salary cap for this type of match, so you can roster on skill alone.

There is a second stage to choosing a contest on Premier Punt: picking your Challenge. Once you’ve chosen, say, a daily game and put together a lineup, you’ll then need to pick your challenge. This could be a tournament or a head-to-head match. Some are free to enter, some have an entry fee, but a wide range of prices means you can pick according to your wishes.

Creating a Lineup

Screenshot of Premier Punt lineup visualisation

Once you’ve picked a contest, you’ll be whisked away to the lineup creation page. Lineup restrictions are fairly similar to other daily fantasy sites, including a team salary cap of £100m (hello Mondogoal and PlayON).

Also, you can’t roster more than three players from any one team (unless you’re playing a Single match, in which case you need at least one player from each of two teams). On the other hand, there are unique aspects to the Premier Punt lineup rules that you may not have encountered before.

‘Super-Duper Auto Pick’

Not got enough time to research and roster entire teams? Let the auto pick function do it for you! Premier Punt’s Super Duper Auto Pick generates teams of players whose fantasy salary total is at least £95 million. Auto pick sticks to players who were on the field in the previous week, making it more likely they will be playing in the upcoming game.

O Captain! My Captain!

Another exciting aspect of the Premier Punt rostering system for Daily/Weekly games is that you get to nominate one player as Captain and another as Vice Captain. Your Captain pick gets double points (just like on Fanaments), so choose wisely! The Vice Captain gets double points if the Captain isn’t playing, making for a great safety net.

Scoring Points

Premier Punt uses Opta Sports to collect scoring data in real time, so you know you’re in good hands. Beyond this, they’ve also tailored their scoring systems depending on what kind of contest you’ve entered, making each contest as exciting as possible.

Tailored Scoring Systems

The Premier Punt scoring system for Weekly games (referred to as the ‘scoring matrix’) has been designed to be similar to the Barclays Premier League fantasy system. This means it’s easy to compare results and get a feel for how your team is doing.

The scoring system for Single matches is totally different! Premier Punt have created the systems to suit the gaming style of each contest type. Single games, for instance, rack up points based on a wider variety of tactics, including passes, headers, tackles, and crosses.

We like Premier Punt’s attention to detail in scoring points, making for a fun, varied playing experience.

Payout Structure

Here is the payout structure for Premier Punt contests with a split pot for prizes:

Screenshot of Premier Punt payout structure table

As you can see, Premier Punt uses a staggered payout structure, which changes depending on how many fantasy managers are competing. This payout structure is akin to those often used for guaranteed prize pool tournaments in daily fantasy, in contrast to 50/50 cash games with multiple contestants, where the upper 50% win.

It would be nice to have a little more choice in contest payout styles. Currently, only head-to-head contests are 50/50 on Premier Punt.

A Social Gaming Experience

Premier Punt don’t take themselves too seriously, preferring a friendly and laidback approach to interacting with football fans and daily fantasy players. This is refreshing for an industry which, at certain points in its history, has had to get pretty serious. We’re all about fair play and player security, but we also play daily fantasy for fun!

Premier Punt also has a very different feel to American imports like DraftKings and FanDuel. Not that we’re knocking two of the biggest DFS sites in the world, but sometimes you can’t beat a bit of British humour.

Premier Punt's tweet about the Great British Bake Off

The Premier Punt team are also great on social media, with active Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. An entertaining and witty atmosphere is one of the reasons why playing fantasy sports is so fun; you can tell Premier Punt enjoy the game just as much as their ‘punters’!

Premier Punt Review Conclusion

Here’s a little summary of our Premier Punt review, with key take-home points:

 We liked:
  • Making 5 player lineups for Single matches.
  • Tailored scoring systems for each contest type.
  • Premier Punt’s great social atmosphere.
  • Weekly free entry games for cash prizes.
 …but they could improve:
  • Their bonuses e.g. having a first deposit bonus.
  • League choice – they just can’t compete with sites like Mondogoal for this.
  • 50/50 contest options; currently the only 50/50 structure contests are head-to-head between two players.


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