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PlayON Review

DailyFantasyUK here with our PlayON review, giving you a critical tour of this major daily fantasy sports website.

From the sports on offer to cash bonuses and scoring systems, this PlayON review will give you a better understanding of how and why to use this site in your daily fantasy arsenal.

Sports on Offer: The Best of British

Cricket players on the pitch

A big plus in this PlayON review is that the sites offers three of Britain’s most popular sports: football, golf, and cricket (as well as NBA basketball). Cricket in particular is a rare daily fantasy offering, so major kudos to PlayON for hosting cricket contests.

Unfortunately there’s no rugby here. Rugby is yet to be picked up in daily fantasy sports generally, which is a shame seeming as there’s such a big fan-base for the sport in the UK. It’s definitely a viable alternative to American football, on offer to British DFS fans from sites like DraftKings.

Contest Selection

PlayON has an impressive choice of contests on offer for all your daily fantasy sports desires. Multipliers? Check. Freerolls? Check. Guaranteed Prize Pools? Check, check and check.

(Note: if these terms are jargon to you, head over to our Cash Games vs Tournaments guide to learn more about contest types. We also have a handy Daily Fantasy Sports Glossary)

Here are some other contest variants available to you on PlayON:

Play Daily, Weekly or per Match

Because why just one? We like the flexibility available beyond the daily format, without resorting to season-length fantasy games.

Play Big In a Progressive Contest

Progressive contests don’t have a contestant limit (or they have a very large limit), and have a guaranteed prize pool, so who knows how many players you’ll end up going against for big prizes!

Quickly Find Your Perfect Contest

It’s very easy to find your ideal contest type on the PlayON game lobby. You can sort by type, duration, cost, sport and more.

Screenshot of PlayON contest lobby.

Want a daily golf contest with a guaranteed prize pool that costs under $25 to enter? PlayON’s got your back.

Handy tip: click at the top of any column on the contests table to sort by that value. Another way to easily find what interests you!


There are currently no bonuses available for PlayON. They have had deposit bonuses in the past, however, and hopefully some more cash bonuses will crop up soon. That would make this PlayON review that bit more positive!

Building a Team

Once you’ve picked a contest, of course you’re going to want to roster a stellar team.

You have a 100m budget cap (in $, £ or €) to spend wisely and tactically on participating players.

Who you want to roster depends partly on your budget, but also on other factors. For example, the kind of contest you’ve chosen will have an effect on which strategies you want to adopt. For more information on this, check out our football 50/50 and Tournament guides.

Smooth Operator

We love the design PlayON has used for building and managing teams. You simply add players using the green ADD button, and they’ll head over to the right where you can really visualise your team. (If you prefer a more traditional format, you can also order your players by list view.)

For example, here’s the layout they use for when you’re putting together a cricket team:
Screenshot of PlayON cricket player positions selection

There are a couple of other intriguing features that PlayON can offer you, in contrast to other sites…

Measure Ownership

PlayON makes it clear how many contestants have drafted a particular player. This is useful to know if you’re wanting to pick a riskier, under-owned player for a competitive tournament.

You can also sort players by owner percentage, making it even easier to find the type of player you need.

Use Autofill

Want to enter a contest last minute? Not sure which players to choose for the final couple of positions? PlayON have an Autofill function, where they choose players for you!

We’re not supporting this as a good alternative for choosing players based on research and strategy. It’s an interesting feature, though, and something a little different to what other sites offer.

Scoring & Payouts

Ah, that all important number crunching part. Here we discuss how to score points on PlayON and how to win money under the site’s various payout systems.

There’s more to winning DFS contests than this – as we like to harp on about, you should do your research. However, knowing the site and how it works is an excellent place to start.


Points scoring depends heavily on which sport you’re playing. For the sake of brevity in this PlayON review, here are some key points you should know:

  • There’s not much player position variation in football. For PlayON, a goal’s a goal and an assist is an assist, whether you’re a striker or a goalie. This is similar to DraftKings and Mondogoal, but other sites like Fanaments and Premier Punt have mixed things up with extra goal points for goalkeepers and defenders.
  • Golfers get brilliant bonus scores. Whether your player gets a hole in one, racks up the birdies, or has a bogey free round, you’ll get rewarded generously. Beware, however, because if your player misses the cut you get -25 points! DraftKings are fairly good with bonuses, too, whereas Fanaments are sadly lacking.
  • Basketball players are rewarded for three point shots. Players who do well with this stat are killer for PlayON. Three point shots get +10 points (double a regular point gain – compared to an added half on DraftKings or Fanaments.)
  • There are three different scoring systems for cricket. Depending on whether you’re playing a Test Match, a One Day International (ODI) or a Twenty20 (T20).

For more information on scoring, head over to PlayON’s Points Scoring page.


Payout structure relies heavily on the kind of contest you have entered. In a head-to-head game or in any winner-takes-all format, you’re going to get 100% of the pot if you win. In other contests, things get a bit more complicated.

  • Multipliers: the payout structure depends on which level of multiplier you go for. PlayON offers 2x (where winners double their money; 50/50s, in other words), 3x, 5x, and 10x multipliers (where winners get 10 times their entry fee). The bigger the multiplier, the fewer winners there are. So it comes down to risk versus reward.
  • Top 3: only the top 3 players get paid. 1st place gets 50%, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 20%.
  • Progressive: this contest type has a very specific payout structure, which can be seen below:

PlayON's progressive contest payout structure

This layout works similarly to the structure Fanaments uses for their ‘Standard’ tournament style contests (see that layout on their Rules page). The two are pretty different, though – for example, Fanaments pays up to the first 100 positions, whereas PlayON goes up to 40.

Plus, on PlayON a 1st place contestant gets 50% of the pot in games of 3-9 contestants, whereas on Fanaments a 1st place winner gets 100% in games of 2-4 contestants. So on Fanaments, doing really well can pay out a bomb, but on PlayON you’re more likely to get a healthy share of the pot even if you don’t come in 1st. This has an effect on how much risk you’ll want to take with player choices.

Frankly, it can all get a bit mind-boggling, but these things can make a difference to how and when you can win.


To wrap up our PlayON review, here are the key points on what we liked and what could do with a bit of improvement, from a British perspective:

 We liked:
  • How PlayON offers sports which will appeal to British fans.
  • The site’s great functionality, filter choices, and slick design.
  • Being able to see a player’s percentage of ownership.
 …but they could improve:
  • Their bonuses e.g. deposit bonuses to entice new players.
  • Point scoring variation in football – for those rare goalkeeper goals!
  • By offering daily fantasy rugby contests!

For more in-depth site reviews like this PlayON review, head over to our Reviews section.

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