Review: Mondogoal

Mondogoal is a relatively young DFS website, having started in August 2014,  but boy has it made an impact on daily fantasy football since then!

An official fantasy league partner of major professional football teams including Chelsea, Liverpool, West Ham, Barcelona, Man City and Tottenham Hotspur, Mondogoal certainly has a growing international reputation as the first global DFS platform.

Mondogoal is definitely one to watch in the Daily Fantasy football world. Read our in-depth review to find out why…

Matches Galore

Mondogoal covers all major European Leagues, so you’re most likely to get the football matches you want on here. Choose from:

  • English Premier League
  • Europa League
  • Champions League
  • Bundesliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • Serie A
  • La Ligua

This platform also allows you to enter contests for U.S. Major League Soccer, which is great for those who like to play on both sides of the pond!



Signing Up to Mondogoal

Signing up for a Mondogoal account is a simple and a stress-free process, with no joining or subscription fees.

Screen Shot of Mondogoal Signup screen.

Simply put in some important details, choose your cash denomination (more on this later) and then verify your email address to get playing.

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Whopping First Deposit Bonus

With your first cash deposit on Mondogoal, you get a huge 200% bonus on any value up to £500.

The bonus is released piece by piece at 4% cashback on the entry price of every contest you enter, so if you enter a $100 contest for example you’ll get $4 back – which is a better release rate than DraftKings’ $1 for every $100.

Mondogoal Usability

Choosing A Contest

It’s fairly easy to find the type of contest you want to enter on Mondogoal, as you can filter by league, entry fee, prize amount, kickoff time, and number of participants (it’s not immediately obvious but you can filter these options by clicking on the table titles on the Contests tab).

Screen Shot of mondogoal contest options and filters.

It’s not the sophisticated DraftKings system (where filter choices are also split into types of contest such as cash games or GPP tournaments), but a simple layout means new players aren’t overloaded with options and information.

Building A Team

For those who have played DFS football on a different platform or two, Mondogoal’s rostering process is fairly similar, but with a few key differences.

For every contest entry you roster a team of 11 players from all the players schedled to play in matches on that day, with no more than 4 players from one team. You have a budget cap, so choose costly players wisely!

It’s easy to choose players on the pitch infographic or on the player list below it, and you can also remove players from each. You can filter the player list by player, team, position and cost, so rostering is a quick and flexible process.

Screen Shot of Mondogoal Build A Team options

There are multiple team formation options – in the bottom left corner of the pitch – meaning you can focus heavily on players from a particular position or balance out players across all available positions – forward, midfield, defence, and goalkeeper. This allows for great playing options, less dependent on a rigid team layout than on choosing individual players.

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Multi-league Rosters

In some Mondogoal contests you can roster players from across international leagues, for truly versatile and involved team management.

Girl Power!

Mondogoal were officially the first DFS website to offer women’s sports when they ran contests based on the Women’s Premier League in 2015.

There were even co-ed rosters available, where fantasy managers were able to pick male and female players. This shows Mondogoal’s commitment to providing the biggest range of contests seen in the world of DFS football.

Choosing Your Currency

It’s rare for DFS websites to offer multiple currencies, but with Mondogoal you can play in £ or $ depending on your preference. Unfortunately you cannot convert between the two, but these options do reflect Mondogoal’s growing international reputation in DFS.



Managing Your Account

In line with the rest of the website,  Mondogoal’s account options are simple and effective, with buttons for Transactions, Deposits, Withdrawals, Security and more.

Mondogoal do not offer Paypal as a transaction option, which is a shame, however other than this the payment process is quick and verifiable.

Slick Design

One of the positive points of Mondogoal is a slick website design which is easy to use and personalisable.

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You can choose profile skins based on Mondogoal’s partnering football clubs, from Barcelona to Chelsea, or the Mondogoal skin if you prefer. Wearing team colours is part of the fun when it comes to football, so it’s great to have this option for fantasy participation too!

Screen Shot of Mondogoal Football Skins choices.

Choose profile skins inspired by international football teams.


 We liked:
  • The sheer range of leagues!
  • 200% deposit bonus on your first deposit.
  • Great team rostering options.
  • £ and $ currency options.
  • Partnering FC profile skins.
 …but they could improve:
  • Filtering by contest type e.g. GPP or cash double-ups.
  • Being able to exchange currency between £ and $.
  • their Payment options e.g. adding Paypal.



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