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FanTeam Review

Welcome to DailyFantasyUK’s review of FanTeam! Whatever gets you going about DFS – the bonuses, the custom competitions or a bit of head-to-head – we’ve got it covered in this in-depth review.

Should you be jumping ship from DraftKings or Mondogoal, or is FanTeam just clinging on at the bottom of the table? Read on to find out…

Football Crazy, FanTeam Mad

FanTeam might be one of the smaller DFS sites, but it’s ready to take you to fever pitch with its great selection of football leagues. It’s clear that the team behind this site are football crazy, just like most of us Brits!

But with sites like DraftKings and Mondogoal also offering massive selections of football leagues, what does FanTeam bring to the table that’s different?

Football fans

Bonuses & Promotions

Great bonuses are always an incentive to tempt you to try out new sites, and FanTeam is sure to attract plenty of players with their generous 200% bonus on any deposit of 10€ or more, up to a maximum of 500€.

Don’t worry if you’ve already signed up though, as from time to time FanTeam opens this promotion up to their existing players as well! This kind of approach is sure to encourage customer loyalty, and suggests that FanTeam’s unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon.

There’s also the opportunity to get free rolls for any given week. In addition to this, first-time players are invited to take part in a competition for free, which is a great way of bringing new players into the game and giving them a feel for DFS.

While this is undoubtedly a great feature, the variety of free tournaments isn’t as good as what’s offered on other rival sites. This won’t be a problem for most players, and with entry to tournaments costing as little as 1.10€, it’s not as if the paid tournaments are going to break the bank!

Choosing a Tournament

Choosing a tournament couldn’t be easier on FanTeam. The simple and slick layout makes it quick and easy to take your pick from the massive range of games from 17 top leagues, including the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A.

You can choose to play over the course of a whole season, or to take the more popular route of playing on a game-by-game basis.

FanTeam range of tournaments

Picking a Team

As is standard for most DFS sites (with the notable exception of Sportito), FanTeam imposes a limit on the amount of money you can spend when drafting players.

Most DFS players are used to this system, and there’s a reason why it’s so prevalent – it helps to level the playing field and forces players to be creative in their selections.

Picking a team is really simple thanks to FanTeam’s great interface.

Team selection on FanTeam

You have access to the in-depth stats of any player, just by clicking on their name:

Player statistics

Creating a Tournament

Flexibility is the name of the game at FanTeam. The ability to be able to easily create your own tournament is a really appealing feature – who wouldn’t want to have the ability to curate your own league?

No matter if you prefer obscure European tournaments, international championships or the good old EPL, you simply pick your games and wait for players to join.

You’re not limited to standard formations either, with the choice of 5-a-side, 6-a-side, flexi-five and flexi-six as well.

Your custom tournaments can be over one or more game weeks, and you can choose to make them either private or public. Invite your mates for some healthy competition, and the chance to gloat about your superior DFS expertise!

Creating a tournament at FanTeam

Creating your own tournament

What else is on offer?

One thing that will prove really useful if you’re stuck is the 24/7 support that FanTeam offer. Any time of day or night you can easily get access to the help you need by contacting one of the helpful customer services representatives.

Another feature of FanTeam that sets it apart from its rivals is the multiple entry options. This means that you can pick your best team and then enter it multiple times into the same event.

If you’re sure of your selections, this is definitely the way to go to maximise your chances of winning!

Also, the search tool at FanTeam is really comprehensive, and allows you to carefully filter the different tournaments so that you find the ones that are best suited to you. This will be especially important as FanTeam grows the roster of competitions you can enter.

In terms of usability, one more plus point for FanTeam is its relatively small size. This makes the site really easy to navigate compared to some of its massive rivals like DraftKings.

Transfers, Points and Payouts

For tournaments spanning over more than one gameweek, you will be able to make transfers.

The number of free transfers may be different from tournament to tournament, but in most tournaments you’re only allowed one transfer per gameweek. Any transfers above the tournament limit will result in the manager having 4 points deducted per player.

Points scoring on FanTeam is fairly consistent with other DFS sites – for instance, if a certain player completes the full 90 minutes of a game then they’ll receive 3 points. On the contrary, if a player is sent off then they will be deducted 3 points. You can find the full scoring system over at FanTeam’s website.

To cash out your hard-earned winnings you can use a wide variety of methods, including bank transfer, credit card, Neteller, Paysafecard and Skrill. The minimum amount you can cash out is 20€.

Different payment methods



FanTeam’s headed up by Scout Gaming Group, a large company with loads of experience in the DFS sector across the whole of Europe.

For this reason, you’ve got no need to worry about the reliability of the site. FanTeam’s also got a full UK gaming license, and all payments that you deposit will go through 128-bit encryption.

What this basically means is that security issues are very unlikely to be an issue when using FanTeam!


Do you eat, sleep and breathe football?

If so, you owe it to yourself to try FanTeam. Firmly focused on the beautiful game, this DFS site may be relatively small, but it’s got a lively community and a range of tournaments that’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat throughout the season!

If you’re looking for a huge amount of variety in your DFS experience, however, then to be honest we’d suggest looking elsewhere.

Similarly, if you’re the kind of player who spends most of their time chancing it on the free tournaments, FanTeam probably won’t be for you.

Nevertheless, this site undoubtedly provides a compelling package which sets it apart from the competition. In case you don’t have time to read our full review, we’ve summarised exactly what we do and don’t like about FanTeam in some handy bulletpoints below.

Happy playing!

 We liked:
  • Slick. professional layout – easy to navigate.
  • Plenty of football leagues to choose from – an essential part of any DFS site.
  • Very football-focused – Ideal for British fans!
 …but they could improve:
  • Only 3 sports to choose from – hopefully this will improve soon.
  • Small community compared to bigger sites – not as lively as some.
  • Limited free games – this isn’t a major problem for most players.



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