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DailyFantasyUK here with our FanFeud review, enabling you to make the best choices in playing Daily Fantasy Sports online!

FanFeud was established in 2014 and has since become a big player in the daily fantasy sports world. Read our FanFeud review to discover if this site is right for your playing style…

What does FanFeud offer?

FanFeud focuses on football. This is great for UK residents as the Beautiful Game is the most popular choice for British daily fantasy contestants. This is similar to Mondogoal, another site you should check out if daily fantasy football is your bag.

Though it doesn’t have as much variety as big players like DraftKings, FanFeud has become a popular DFS site.

FanFeud started with English Premier League, but since 2016 has been offering Europa League contests. This isn’t as much variety as Mondogoal, but it looks like FanFeud will be addressing this in future.

Contest Structure

FanFeud’s weekly contest layout means you don’t have to commit to season-long fantasy games. You can therefore test your skills and win instant payouts without the wait.

This is an important point in our FanFeud review, seeming as the FanFeud contest layout is very different to that of other big DFS sites. FanFeud really gives you an entirely different daily fantasy experience.

1 Contest Type, 1 Winner

1st Place Trophy.

The main contest type on offer on FanFeud is what they call the Pick 5. In a Pick 5 each contestant enters a team of 5 players into a contest.

There is only one payout format, which keeps things simple. You enter for free or with a cheap fee to compete against others for a cash pot.

No playing it safe with 50/50 cashgames when you’re on FanFeud – only the top placed contestant wins, so when rostering teams you have to go all out or go empty-handed.

Rostering A Team

To enter a contest, all you have to do is pick an upcoming match and roster 5 players from either team playing that match.

You can pick or unpick a player from a smoothly formatted list. Each player icon includes their position played and information about their recent playing stats. Once you have picked all 5 players and are happy with your roster, you simply confirm and enter the contest.

Screen shot of rostering a daily fantasy sports team on FanFeud. Taken for the DailyFantasyUK FanFeud review.

Daily fantasy teams of 5 players are small compared to other DFS sites, however your player choices are not constrained by positions. You could choose five midfielders, or three defenders and two goalies, if you so wished.

There is no virtual cash limit on the players you pick, whereas on other sites you have a team budget. So, though you can only select from the teams playing the match, there is no limit on budget at all!

No Team Editing

Yep, once you have rostered a team on FanFeud there is no editing allowed. That includes amending or withdrawing your team. This seems a bit inflexible compared to DraftKings, for example, where you can edit your lineups until the first fixture begins.

If you have rostered the same winning team as someone else, the first person to roster the team automatically wins. Bear this in mind too!

Scoring System


As with lineup rostering, scoring is very different on FanFeud, in comparison to other sites. This is something we think is positive for keeping your daily fantasy sports options open. However, you will need to understand how the system works to get a better chance of winning cash prizes!

FanFeud’s scoring system is as follows:

Team wins 3
Midfielder clean sheet 2
Forward clean sheet 1
Defender clean sheet 4
Goalkeeper clean sheet 12
Goalkeeper goal 50
Assist by goalkeeper or defender 10
Assist by midfielder 5
Assist by forward 3
Penalty missed -5
Full appearance 3
Part appearance 1
Midfielder goal 15
Defender goal 20
Forward goal 10
Forward concedes > 1 goal -1
Goalkeeper penalty save 10
Defender concedes > 1 goal -3
Goalkeeper concedes > 1 goal -4
Midfielder concedes > 1 goal -2
Red card -5
Own goal -5
Yellow card -3

One obvious difference between scoring on FanFeud and other sites like DraftKings and Mondogoal is that goals are hierarchically scored, depending on how rare they are. A goalkeeper goal gets a whopping 50 points, which could be the score surge you need to nab first place. On the other hand, it may be wiser to roster consistent scoring forwards to rack up points throughout the game, instead of holding out for unlikely events.

Another clear difference between FanFeud and other sites is that players are awarded flat points for a full (3) or part (1) appearance. Compare this to DraftKings having no appearance points, and Mondogoal scoring 0.2 points for every minute a player appears, and you realise you’ve got a very different system to work with here.

Team Points

FanFeud also considers team performances in awarding points, unlike DraftKings football, which calculates individual scores alone. Having players on the winning overall team scores you extra points, so that could be the decider on whether you win or lose.

The best way to get used to the FanFeud system is to practice on the site itself, to see if the contest and scoring style is right for you – plus it never hurts to do your research before entering a contest.

Account Usability

Screenshot of FanFeud social login options.

A highlight of FanFeud is how easy it is to use – signing up is quick and simple, only requiring a username, email address and password. Even better than that, you can also sign in on your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts to get playing even more quickly.

FanFeud uses secure payment methods to make sure you’re safe when placing deposits and withdrawing winnings.

The FanFeud website is slickly designed and visually appealing. Plus it’s easy to make your way round the lobby and pick the games you want to enter. They also have an active newsfeed with the latest tips, football news and offers.

FanFeud Review – Conclusion

FanFeud is a great daily fantasy football site to try, and its style is fairly different from other offerings on the market.

Here are our parting notes on the pros and cons discussed throughout the FanFeud review…

 We liked:
  • Instant payouts and minimal waiting time.
  • Flexible player choices and budgets.
  • Additional ways to play – the Pick 5 contest style.
  • Log in through Facebook, Google+, Twitter.
 …but they could improve on:
  • Flexibility in amending and withdrawing teams.
  • The variety of leagues on offer – currently Europa and EPL.
  • Fewer individual payouts – the first winner takes all.


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