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FanDuel UK Review

DailyFantasyUK here with our FanDuel UK review. This brand spanking new site for UK players is sure to make a splash among fellow DFS operators – and for good reason. As one of the biggest operators in the U.S., FanDuel has got some serious experience when it comes to offering the best daily fantasy contests and big cash prizes.

Read on for our take on this Scottish-based operator’s move back to home ground, and whether it’s worth straying from other operators for the FanDuel experience.

Sports on Offer

Rugby match between Denmark and Australia

Can we finally dare to dream of playing daily fantasy rugby?

At the moment, FanDuel is purely offering daily fantasy football. This isn’t unusual when you compare it to sites like Mondogoal and FanFeud. Football is the most popular sport in the UK so FanDuel are bound to do well with just this sport.

However, FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles stated upon launch that they are planning to include more sports. There has been talk of daily fantasy golf, cricket and even rugby on the cards!

We’re very supportive of having lots of daily fantasy sports to choose – check out this article we cooked up about weird daily fantasy sports – and would welcome more range to FanDuel’s roster.



What would a FanDuel UK review be without looking at those all-important bonuses? We all want to make the most of our money in DFS (and get the best totally free bonuses too).

FanDuel have an impressive range of bonuses, including a bunch of competitions on social media. We’ll list the more permanent bonuses below:

100% Deposit Bonus

FanDuel are offering new players a 100% first deposit bonus for up to £400! That’s some serious dough. If you deposit £10 you get a £10 bonus, with £100 you get a £100 bonus, and so on.

Screenshot of FanDuel UK first deposit bonus

You earn the first deposit bonus at a 5% rate. So, if you enter a contest with a £20 entry fee you get £1 back as soon as the contest finishes (whether you win or lose). The deposit bonus only lasts for 6 months, so make sure to consider how much you realistically want to spend for this amount of time.

For more information on this bonus see FanDuel’s deposit bonus terms and conditions.

‘Second Shot’ £10 Promo

If your first contest on FanDuel leads to a loss, not to worry. With the Second Shot promotion, you can get up to £10 back if you lose a contest! As long your first contest had more than 10 entrants, you’re eligible for this offer. You can’t withdraw this cash, but can use it to enter another FanDuel contest – your second shot at winning.

Refer A Friend Scheme

You can recommend FanDuel to your friends – and make money doing it! When your friend clicks on a unique promotional link and enters a contest, you and the referred friend both receive a £5 bonus. For more information see the Refer A Friend promotion terms and conditions.

Money Back Guarantee

If you decide FanDuel isn’t for you after your first contest, you can get up to £100 of your initial deposit refunded. You’ll need to request this on the day of your first contest, so remember to be prompt!

Taking up this offer does mean FanDuel will delete your account, but you can activate it again anytime. To find out more about the Money Back Guarantee offer, read the terms and conditions.

Choosing a Contest

The contest styles on offer from FanDuel are pretty standard in the DFS world. You’ve got your cash games, your big tournaments, and a range of entry fees (including freerolls!)

The main two types of contest on offer are:

  • 50/50s: In a 50/50 cash game entrants win when their scores are in the upper 50%. These cash games have a range of entry numbers. FanDuel include Head-to-Head contests, which are between two opponents, in this category.
  • Tournaments: Basically, any other type of contest on FanDuel is what DFS players call a tournament. Tournaments have a gradual payout structure, usually not extending to the upper 50% of players’ scores. In ‘tourneys’ you can win a large part of the pot if you do very well, but you may miss out even if you’re above average.

Want to find out more about Tournaments and Cash Games? Check out our guide.

Contests are also separated into two payout contingency categories, relying on whether or not a contest has enough entrants. FanDuel refer to these two types of contest as Guaranteed and Fill-Up.

  • Guaranteed: In this type of contest the prize pool is guaranteed, no matter how many entrants there are before matches begin. In a guaranteed contest that is not filled, FanDuel pay the overlay sum.
  • Fill-Up: These contests only run with a minimum number of entrants. Well you couldn’t play a head-to-head without an opponent!

Screenshot of FanDuel contest page

Usability Issues

The contest page design is very basic, so usability isn’t that good. For instance, you can’t search for contests by entry fee, or switch between fill-up or guaranteed contests. Hopefully this functionality will improve over time, but right now this is a negative point in the FanDuel UK review.

However, the information and rules for each contest are clear and easy to find. Simply click on the contest title and you can look at the payout structure, matches involved and contest rules before you enter.


Creating a Lineup

Once you’ve picked a contest, click on the entry fee and you’ll be taken to the line-up selection page.

You have a £100m fantasy budget to spend on 11 players. Positioning is very flexible. You can have 3-4-3, 3-3-4, 2-4-4, 1-4-5 or 1-5-4 player formations. Other sites have more rigid positioning rules, so this is a nice change.

Screenshot of FanDuel lineup selection page for FanDuel UK review.

Again, the page’s usability isn’t as good as, say, DraftKings or PlayON. You can only organise players by position, fantasy salary, average fantasy points, or search by name. For us comparison nerds, this simply isn’t enough! Also, you can’t simply delete players by clicking on their pitch positions – making editing a bit of a tiresome task. On the other hand, you can’t deny the site’s beautiful and simple design. It beats the DraftKings lineup page hands-down for streamlined visual appeal.

Once you’ve entered a lineup, watch your fantasy team rack up points in real time. FanDuel have teamed up with Opta Sports to provide the most accurate data, so you know you’re in good hands.

Image Revamp & Player Safety

This FanDuel UK review comes in light of the major changes this operator has been making in 2016. Partly to address legal controversy surrounding DFS in the United States, FanDuel have totally revamped their look and made a bigger effort to inform and protect users.

FanDuel old and new logos in comparison.

The old FanDuel logo (top) versus the new logo (bottom).

For U.S. players they have released the FanDuel Bill of Rights, detailing players’ rights and changes recently made to protect them.

The FanDuel UK site has also benefited from the new design, and parts of the Bill of Rights feature in the terms and conditions. For example, third-party scripting software is banned and most contests have a multi-entry limit. This stops experienced ‘shark‘ players from scamming other players with the use of powerful automated scripting in huge numbers of entries.

This is a great step forward for FanDuel and DFS sites the world over, as player opportunity and enjoyment is promoted to all.

FanDuel UK Review Conclusion

One of the world’s biggest daily fantasy sports sites has hit UK shores, and the local scene is all the better for it. Big UK-serving operators like DraftKings and Mondogoal have gained some healthy competition.

Here are our parting comments on what we liked and didn’t like during our FanDuel UK review:

 We liked:
  • 100% first deposit bonus up to £400.
  • Flexible line-up positioning.
  • Visually appealing redesign.
  • Dedication to fair playing opportunities and clear contest rules.
 …but they could improve:
  • Their sports offerings – hopefully rugby, golf and cricket will enter the mix soon!
  • Usability e.g. not being able to arrange contests by entry fee.



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