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DailyFantasyUK here with our review of top daily fantasy sports site Fanaments.

From rostering a fantasy team to payout structures, we’ve got you covered. So without further ado, let’s dive in…


lines of sports balls

Fanaments offers four sports for DFS fans:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Football is by far the biggest draw for UK daily fantasy players, but it’s nice to have other options too! It’s not the biggest range – you’re better off trying DraftKings if that’s what you’re looking for – but Fanaments knows how to appeal to European players.



Fanaments has some great bonus promotions for new players and seasoned contestants alike. These bonuses include:

First Deposit Bonus

Though a popular move on a lot of DFS websites, it’s always good to know you’re getting the most out of your money with that first deposit.

Fanaments offer a 200% bonus up to €600 (so you can claim a bonus on up to €300). A €2 part of the bonus is released for every 40XP (experience points) earned on the site, through playing paid games.

Note that the bonus offer expires after 3 months, so it’s best to deposit an amount you’re comfortable to spend within that time period.

Special Bonuses

Fanaments often runs special bonuses, which can be activated from promo codes displayed on the deposits page. These bonuses may be available to certain groups, or time-limited, so make sure to check the site for new opportunities!

Referal Bonus

If you refer a friend to Fanaments, you can earn a commission bonus! The payout is a fixed 20% of monthly commission paid. If you’re a DFS fan with relevant connections, this can be a great way to make extra money through the game.

With a personalised sign-up link, you can invite friends by link, Facebook, email or by creating a private tournament.

Freerolls for Cash

Every week Fanaments runs freeroll contests, where you don’t pay for entry but can still win cash prizes.

Choosing A Contest

There are three main contest types on Fanaments, which we’ll briefly explain:


Group of competitive runners

The contests Fanaments refers to as ‘Standard’ are what most DFS players call Tournaments. In a Standard contest, three or more contestants compete against one another for cash prizes allotted according to the site’s unique payout structure.

Heads Up

Two goats head to head

Often referred to as ‘head to head’ contests, the Heads Up contest pits you against one other player. You either lose or double your money, a risky and thrilling way to play. This is a type of cash game, which we discuss in our Cash Games vs Tournaments feature.


Speed Sign for 50 miles per hour.

Another type of cash game, the 50/50 contest awards the top 50% performing contestants by doubling their entry fee. For more on this popular contest type, see our guide on how to win a Football 50/50 Contest.

In addition to these three contest types, there are other choices to make in picking a Fanaments daily fantasy tournament.

  • Is there a Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP)? With these contests, even if the contest pool isn’t full before the game begins, Fanaments still pays out.
  • Is it a Multi Entry contest? If so, you can register up to 10 times in the same tournament.
  • Is it a Fantasy or Pick’Em style contest? With the Fantasy format you focus on players, whereas in Pick’Em games you can predict match outcomes. Note that this is very different from the Pick 5 layout of FanFeud!

To enter a contest, click the little green ‘Enter’ box next to your contest of choice. Now it’s time to roster an excellent team for your shot at winning bragging rights and cash to boot.

Building A Team

Building a team is quick and simple on Fanaments, though you can spend a lot of time pondering over your choices. After all, it’s best to do your research rather than go with gut instinct.

In the Fantasy format, you pick 11 players, using a fantasy budget of 100 million. This includes three outfield players, who can be from any position. Once your team is rostered, you can then pick a Team Captain, who gets double fantasy points.

To make choosing easier, you can sort players by the following criteria: match, team, player position, player name, and various statistics like fantasy salary or goals scored.

How you strategise depends heavily on the contest format you’re working with. A daily fantasy football 50/50 game requires different considerations to a GPP Tournament.

Here’s one we made earlier (well, were in the process of making) for a Euros 2016 quarter finals 50/50 multiplier:

Screenshot of Fanaments entering a team

We were able to search by Average Fantasy Points (calculated from match data) and compare that against fantasy player budget. This is a great way to try and get players with a ‘high floor’ score (minimum average) without paying through the nose.

Reading up on the matches is also crucial. Certain players can be suspended or benched, so definitely ones to avoid rostering despite good fantasy averages!

As you can see, our average budget per player is fairly low for the remaining positions – part of the fun is trying to balance budget against talent. You could choose to roster lower-scoring players in the remaining positions, or sub out some of the chosen players for cheaper alternatives. Give it a try and see what teams you can create!

Payout Layouts

Rolls of 100 dollar bills

Fanaments has a clear payout structure for Standard games, which can be found in the Rules section. You should think about which contests to enter depending on the payout available.

Feeling really confident about your team? Try to get 100% of the winnings in a 2-4 player game. Not so sure or wanting a less risky route? The bigger the contestant pool, the more likely you are to get a bit of money out of it.

In head to head games – well, the result is double or nothing. And as for 50/50 games, the top 50% of players share the winnings.

Know The Big Fish in the Contest Pool

Screenshot of Fanaments User Statuses

Fanaments ranks its users depending on how many points they have gained. To backtrack a bit – Fanaments gives users one Experience Point (XP) and one Fanament Point (FP) per € spent. When a user has gained a certain number of XP, they then gain more in FPs for each subsequent XP gained. A bit overly complicated, but look at the five user statuses and you’ll get a better idea:

  • Shrimp (Status 1): Starting status. Users receive 1 FP for every € spent on tournaments.
  • Fish (Status 2): Achieved with 100XP. Users receive 1.25 FP for every € spent on tournaments.
  • Octopus (Status 3): Achieved with 1,000XP. Users receive 2 FP for every € spent on tournaments.
  • Shark (Status 4): Achieved with 5,000XP. Users receive 3 FP for every € spent on tournaments.
  • Whale (Status 5): Achieved with 25,000XP. Users receive 5 FP for every € spent on tournaments.

Fanaments Points are great because the more XP you have, the more you can gain from the money you spend. But also, you can see what statuses other players have achieved – a.k.a. who you have a chance to beat, and who is too big a fish.

To check another player’s status, click on a contest and check the Entries tab. Click on a user’s name and you can see their profile. Their user status won’t completely predict whether you can beat them or not, but it’s a good way to weigh up the competition. You can also do this by checking out the monthly leaderboard.


Fanaments is a solid choice for daily fantasy players, as long as you’re into football, golf, basketball or MMA. With a range of contest types and promotions on offer, as well as paid or freeroll games, this site is definitely worth its high-standing reputation.

To sum it all up, here’s a table of our Fanaments pros and cons:

We liked:
  • Freeroll contests for cash prizes.
  • Being able to sort players via a wide range of statistics.
  • A clearly structured payout system.
  • The Team Captain option for getting double player points.
…but they could improve:
  • Sport variety: DraftKings has all the same sports and more, and PlayON appeals to British tastes more with cricket.
  • It doesn’t offer as many football leagues as, say, Mondogoal.






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