The Definitive Daily Fantasy Sports Review — Which Site is for You?

We’ve done quite a few daily fantasy sports reviews now at DailyFantasyUK, each covering every aspect of the particular DFS site in great detail. We think you’ll agree that this is a brilliant resource, but the thought recently occurred to us that some of you might not have the time to read through them all.

Quickly, the paranoia started flooding in – how are you going to know which site is best for you? What if you get stuck on a site you don’t like, with no hope on the horizon? Feeling pangs of guilt, we thought it might be useful to create a definitive daily fantasy sports review — a comparison of all the major DFS sites.

The best place to start is with the big players, DraftKings and FanDuel. Both of these sites are massively popular and are a great place to start for anyone interested in Daily Fantasy Sports, but which one is for you?

Big player #1: DraftKings

DraftKings daily fantasy sports review

DraftKings is effectively a household name in the US, and is one of the oldest sites in our selection. That being said, it was only launched in the UK in February 2016. Despite having only crossed the pond comparatively recently, this site has made a big impact over here.

Below we’ve summarised what you need to know about this Daily Fantasy Sports behemoth.

It’s easy to navigate:

Screenshot of the DraftKings lobby, with the NHL contests selected

One of the biggest plus points about DraftKings is the sheer ease with which you can navigate the site, especially considering how big it is and how many sports you’ve got to choose from (more on that later).

Every aspect of the process is intuitive, from picking tournaments to drafting in players. This is surely one of the reasons that this site has such a large number of dedicated fans.

It’s got a decent deposit bonus:

DraftKings will match your deposit pound for pound, up to a maximum of £400, which is clearly a great incentive that’s sure to attract scores of new players to DFS.

There are loads of sports to choose from:

You’ve got the choice of 8 sports at DraftKings – ‘real’ football, American football, basketball, ice hockey, golf, NASCAR and MMA.

Looking at that selection, as impressive as it is, it’s clear that DraftKings is geared up more towards an American audience than a European or British one. You might also notice little American idiosyncrasies – for example, the away teams are always listed first.

This would be one of our only minor criticisms of this site, but it makes sense considering that the majority of its userbase are across the Atlantic.

The fact that DraftKings has such a large American fanbase also comes with some great advantages, such as the massive prizepools.

You can check out our full daily fantasy sports review of DraftKings here.

But what about its biggest rival, FanDuel?

Big player #2: FanDuel

FanDuel logo

Like DraftKings, FanDuel is absolutely massive in the US, but it doesn’t seem to be quite as popular as DraftKings is over here. Popularity isn’t everything though, so what else do you need to know about FanDuel?

It’s definitely visually appealing:

Following a recent redesign and rebranding, FanDuel UK definitely looks the part — as soon as you sign in to the lobby, you’ll understand.

This makes for a more streamlined, smoother experience than DraftKings, but still FanDuel’s usability isn’t quite up to scratch. For example, the search function is quite limited.

Screenshot of FanDuel lineup selection page for FanDuel UK review.

It’s got a good deposit bonus scheme:

FanDuel offers exactly the same initial deposit bonus as DraftKings – they’ll match you pound for pound up to a limit of £400.

FanDuel also offers a ‘Second Shot’ £10 promotion — if your first contest leads to a loss, you can get up to £10 back! One thing to bear in mind is that you can’t withdraw this money, only use it to enter a new tournament.

It’s got a solid range of contests:

The different types of contest to choose from on FanDuel are pretty similar to what you’d find on most other DFS sites.

There are cash games, big tournaments, and plenty of freerolls. There’s definitely a decent selection to choose from, and this is backed up by a lively UK community.

What about sports?

This is where FanDuel really differs from DraftKings: the number of sports you can play in the UK is limited to just one — football! While this might suit the majority of UK DFS players, what about those NFL aficionados, those rugby buffs?

This limitation will have a significant impact on whether you should choose DraftKings or FanDuel.

If you’re craving more information on FanDuel, our full daily fantasy sports review will tell you what you need to know.

Verdict: Which site is for me?

There’s a lot going for both of these sites, but the decision of which one to choose basically boils down to your level of DFS experience, and which sports you want to play.

DraftKings is undoubtedly a brilliant site, and is sure to go from strength to strength in the DFS world. It’s got a great selection of sports and contests, you can create your own tournaments, and it’s also got some massive guaranteed prizepools.

However, the amount of activity in its lobby can be intimidating, especially to first-time users. Also, there’s a large community of dedicated, highly experienced DFS players with a huge amount of knowledge. These players, or ‘sharks’ as they’re colloquially known, can sometimes put off new users.

FanDuel on the other hand, despite its size, feels like a much smaller site. As your choice of sports is limited to just football, this naturally results in a smaller amount of players, which serves to level the playing field — but also to limit the prizepools.

The overall fantasy football experience is undeniably excellent — the only oversight is that there’s no ability to create your own private tournaments as of yet, which may be a sticking point for some players.

All in all, if you want to play football and football only, FanDuel might just have the edge. FanDuel also offers a better welcome bonus, which is designed to make it easier for new players.

However, if you’re after the full DFS package then you owe it to yourself to head over to DraftKings.  We’re sure that stateside, FanDuel and DraftKings are more evenly matched, but here in the UK, DraftKings definitely has the edge in terms of its choice of sports and tournaments. There’s a reason why it’s so popular all over the world!

The best of the rest…

But what if you’ve got a taste for the esoteric? Fancy yourself as a bit of a maverick? For anyone who wants to go against the grain, here’s our take on the best of the rest of the UK DFS sites.


Screenshot of the PlayON daily fantasy sports website

PlayON might be smaller than DraftKings and FanDuel, but it’s definitely punching above its weight. This site is sure to appeal most to us Brits, as it’s resolutely focused on the good old sports of football, golf and cricket!

The addition of cricket is particularly welcome — it’s pretty rare to see on a daily fantasy sports site. PlayON is also the official partner of PGA European Tour Golf, so it’s clear that they mean business.

There’s plenty of action on this well-designed site, with a big choice of Multipliers, Freerolls and Guaranteed Prize Pools. You can play daily, weekly, or on a per match basis, and there are progressive jackpots for those of you who are really in it to win it!

The layout’s brilliant — perhaps even easier to use than DraftKings and FanDuel. One of the only negatives is that it doesn’t yet have the player base of the big two DFS sites.

PLayON have really made the effort to interact with British fans, but this is a great site for fans of any sport. The slick design is up there with the best, too. Admittedly it is lacking is a generous welcome bonus, but definitely don’t write off PlayON if you’re looking for a new DFS site.

Verdict: PlayON bats well above its average — there’s every chance you’ll like it as much as or even more than the big players.

Check out the full daily fantasy sports review for more information.


FanFeud logo

FanFeud, in a similar way to FanDuel, is a site that focuses solely on football. They’ve got a pretty solid variety of football tournaments to enter, but not the kind of range that you’d expect to find on one of the larger DFS sites. But what’s different about FanFeud?

Well, put simply, the main contest type is a completely different approach to what we’ve seen elsewhere in the DFS world. Named the Pick 5, each contestant enters a team of 5 players into a contest. Then, contrary to most DFS sites, once you’ve picked the 5 players you can’t change them!

This individual system won’t be for everyone, but it can be a really exciting way to play, and the instant payouts only serve to add to the fun. FanFeud’s definitely an acquired taste, but the only way you’re going to find out if you like it is by trying it out!

FanFeud offers a unique take on fantasy football, but lacks the kind of depth that the larger DFS sites have. It’s definitely more of a site for casual players, rather than anyone who’s into big-time DFS.

Verdict: FanFeud operates under a slightly obscure system, but it’s a worthy addition to the DFS canon nonetheless!

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Fanteam logo

FanTeam offers you a choice of three sports — football, hockey and basketball. its massive selection of football leagues means that there will be tournaments for you to join all year round — a real plus point for anyone who gets bored during the EPL off-season.

You’ve also got the easy ability to create your own contests to play against friends, which is a feature that many people appreciate.

The site’s got a great interface and welcome bonus, and all this should add up to a brilliant DFS package. However, the low player liquidity and small prizepools let FanTeam down a little bit.

It’s still a great site for anyone who’s into their football, but we can’t see many reasons to pick FanTeam over one of the larger DFS sites.

Verdict: FanTeam is a well-designed DFS site primarily focused on fantasy football. It’s got a lot going for it, but doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. This might change with time though, as its userbase grows.

You can find our daily fantasy sports review for FanTeam over here.


Sportito’s a relative newcomer to the DFS world, but it’s certainly getting people talking! As it’s another site that’s solely focused on football, you might be thinking that Sportito’s trying to break into an already saturated market. However, there’s a key difference to this DFS site…

Most people are used to working with a salary cap when they draft in players, but on Sportito you’re given an unlimited budget. This really changes the way you play, and forces you to think very creatively.

Sportito’s got a great setup if you’re into football — the site features a massive range of tournaments and leagues. The interface is also impressive, and there’s a dedicated Sportito mobile app available for Android users.

Additionally, the site features a total of 9 different sports to choose from, and it’s the ambition of the team behind the site to offer more sports than any other DFS site, so watch this space!

Verdict: The only DFS site we know of with no salary cap, Sportito is definitely one to watch. If you’re mad about football and after something a bit different, you should check this site out.

Take a look at the full Sportito daily fantasy sports review here.


FantasyBet home page 'The Future of Fantasy Football'

Describing itself as ‘The Future of Fantasy Football’, you guessed it — FantasyBet is a website where football is the number 1 priority. It’s got loads of leagues to choose from (enough to rival the now-defunct fantasy football giant Mondogoal) and there’s a variety of different payout structures.

Basically, FantasyBet is the site for you if you like being able to customise every single aspect of your DFS experience. However good this may sound, with great power comes great responsibility — the site can be quite complex and difficult to get used to.

That being said, with the option of playing season long games as well as games on a daily basis, FantasyBet’s a good shout for someone who’s truly football mad.

Verdict: FantasyBet is massively flexible but lacks a bit of finesse. It still brings something new to the table though, so don’t hesitate to give it a look if you live eat, breathe and sleep football.

You can find out read the full daily fantasy sports review here.

I’m sure you’ll see that some of the smaller sites have got a lot going for them, with particular mention going to PlayON, which could be challenging for the title of best DFS site soon!

There might be a lot to choose from in the DFS world, but we hope that this definitive daily fantasy sports review has made things that little bit easier. Happy playing!

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