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Weekly News Roundup – US Legal Debate & Flowplay Virtual Cash Game

DailyFantasyUK here with our review of this week’s biggest Daily Fantasy Sports news. From legal battles in the US to predictions about traditional UK bookies offering DFS games, overall things are looking positive in the world of DFS. Plus, read about our initial reaction to a new DFS game based entirely on virtual winnings and what this means for the real money side of the industry…

Indiana and Massachusetts join Virginia in legalising DFS websites

American flag in close-up

Daily fantasy sports is set to continue as one of the hottest topics up for debate across the United States! After legalisation in Virginia back in March, now the states of Massachusetts and Indiana have also declared DFS to be a game of skill, meaning it’s now confirmed as legal.

These developments are encouraging for the DFS industry, which looked to be in dire straits after becoming banned in five states, as well as DraftKings and FanDuel pulling out of New York. Online gambling websites are classed as illegal in the States, which is why DFS websites could be banned there if they are considered to be chance-based.

According to FanDuel’s website, more than 20 other states are looking to forward legislature about DFS; let’s just hope it’s all as positive as the news coming from Indiana, Massachusetts and Virginia. Most DFS websites are US-based, so good news from the US is good news for the up-and-coming UK community too.

Maryland, meanwhile, have voted for a voter referendum on DFS in November’s election. DailyFantasyUK will keep you updated with all the latest developments from across the States.

Will UK betting operators start offering DFS?

High street in the UK with a Paddy Power bookmaker

It’s not the usual home of DFS – but traditional UK bookies want a piece of the action

Earlier this year, DraftKings opened their heavily anticipated UK website, and their main US rival FanDuel looks set to follow suit with their own UK launch in the coming months. Faced with this American onslaught, traditional UK sportsbooks operators could be considering offering DFS services to keep their audiences interested.

Chroma Sports commercial director Jon Trigg certainly sees the benefit in UK betting operators providing custom for the potential 5 to 7 million DFS players in the UK.

Trigg predicted during interview with CalvinAyre: “for an operator to run a DFS product it’s a way of them not losing their customers to DraftKings or FanDuel, and ultimately if that helps them sort of get that customer coming back on the site, more frequently cross promote other markets, then that’s what they’re going to be looking at doing.”

Would you be interested in playing DFS with more traditional UK sportsbooks operators, or would you be more likely to go with DraftKings and other US imports? As DFS grows in popularity here in the UK, we’ll keep track of what’s on offer from both homegrown and international operators – so you get the best out of DFS!

Games site launches free to play virtual money DFS game

Want all the fun of DFS, with none of the financial risk? We might just have the game for you…

Seattle-based startup Flowplay has launched its new game All Star Daily Fantasy on a free-to-play basis, available under their Vegas World social casino title. In a similar format to DraftKings and FanDuel, you win or lose virtual currency depending on how your selected players do that day.

A screenshot of All Star Daily Fantasy DFS game.

Credit: Flowplay

The game currently covers the NBA and will expand to other sports throughout the year. Players use virtual currency, though there’s also the option to pay real money to buy virtual ‘coins‘ as insurance before the start of any game.

It remains to be seen whether such a game would have the same appeal to UK players. Where DFS is tarnished in the eyes of some Americans due to its constant legal struggles, British players are unlikely to see it the same way – online sports gambling is legal here, after all, and the outlook is bright for DFS.

Nonetheless, there are some definite upsides – there’s no risk of losing any cash, and it could also be a great way for beginners to get the hang of DFS by playing for free before they put any money on the table. All in all, All Star Daily Fantasy could be a fun way to play even more DFS in your downtime.

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