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Sky Sports’ New Fantasy Site

The daddy of everything sports-related has finally released a brand spanking new football fantasy game (it’s about time), and it looks pretty damn good. Here, we present to you Sky Sports Six A Side.

(If you have no idea what fantasy sports is you should probably read this first.)

How Sky Sports Six a Side works

How To Score Points in Sky Sports Six A Side

As with normal fantasy sports games, the games are based on a real football match, and in Sky Sports Six a Side’s case, it’s the ‘Sky Sports Super Sunday Live Match.’

However, unlike regular sites, your team is not limited by a budget. You also don’t have to fuss over player formations, player values or the positions that they need to be in. You don’t even need to choose a goalkeeper! Picking a team has never been so easy and so simple.



Team Structure

Your team is made up of:

Selecting A Team On Iphone App

One Elite Player

This is described as ‘a player that is either in-form or likely to have a significant impact on the game.’ In other words, a player who you think is going to do really well for you. To keep things really straightforward, you’ll be given a choice of four elite players to choose from.

Five ‘Normal’ Players

These are the players that make up the rest of your team. You can choose anyone from both teams—an unlimited budget means the sky’s your limit.

To make your selection even easier, the site provides a profile for each player that gives you the low-down on their current statistics, based on the Premier League season. You’ll also be able to see the points a player manages on an average and in previous games – very helpful for when you’re racking your brains over which players to choose.

Special Features

You really will be playing fantasy games like no other with Sky Sports Six a Side’s unique features…

Power Play
Double Your Team's Score With Power Play

Power Play is a 15 minute scheduled activity during the game during which your team’s points are doubled. After you’ve picked your team, you’ll choose exactly when you’d like your Power Play to take place. It’ll happen six times per match.

If one of your players scores in this period, the points you get will double! However, remember that negative points will double too.

Play For Free

Wouldn’t it be a dream if you could play without taking any risks, but still be in the chance of winning lots of money? With Sky Sports Six A Side, that’s a reality. You can play for free and still be eligible for the guaranteed cash prize of £10,000 – per game round! Sweet!

Golden Goal

Golden Goal refers to your prediction of when the first goal will take place in the game. You don’t win any extra prizes for this, but it’s a smart and secure way of deciding who the winner is if there happens to be a tie between two people.

Match Centre

Match Centre Shows You Who Is Winning

The Match Centre is an ‘in-play screen’ that gives you updated information on each player’s performance and your current score. This means you don’t have to wait right until the end of the game to see precise numbers; instead you can watch the game unfold, as it unfolds!

Flexible Team Choosing

You’re allowed to change your selection of players and power play any time until the game round begins – letting you arrange and organise your team to your heart’s content. Other team managers can’t see your team, nor can you see theirs.

Live Leaderboard

On the Sky Sports Six A Side leaderboard, you can see who it is that picked the best team and is scoring the highest at any given point in the game. Exciting stuff!


The simplicity of the game, coupled with attractive features like Power Play, makes for a very unique, exciting gaming experience – and something that we’ll be definitely coming back for. It looks like Sky Sports are on to a winner!

Will Sky Sports Six A Side knock over the relatively new and popular DFS site, Fanaments?

Will it make it to our Top 3 UK DFS sites? Only time will tell.



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