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Italian Daily Fantasy Game ‘Sportito’ Imported To The UK

One of Italy’s top daily fantasy sites is hoping to score in the UK market with its latest daily fantasy football product, Sportito.

This is exciting news for British daily fantasy fans, because we’ll have even more ways to play along with our favourite football teams and leagues.

Sportito will offer daily fantasy football games in all the official leagues throughout the year. With a range of free and paid contests, you can play for fun or to win cash prizes.

Along with the addition of FanDuel last month, the UK daily fantasy football scene looks to be flourishing in 2016. Here are our first impressions of this latest DFS site and how it’ll fit in with its UK competitors.

No Salary Caps on Sportito

The most intriguing aspect of Sportito is that they don’t have a salary cap on players. Most DFS websites (from DraftKings to Mondogoal) have a salary cap to prevent you from rostering only the best players.

Sportito is different. On this site, you could draft stud players like Ibrahimovich, Lukaku, Hazard and Sanchez in the same lineup! Unlike on other sites, you won’t have to worry about balancing your first choices with cheap, under-performing players.

Although, as Sportito rightly say on their website, ‘the “all-star team” isn’t always the best option’. Especially when everyone else is going for the same players.

The lack of a salary cap introduces a whole new way of thinking about daily fantasy sports. You can freely look for reliable choices in cash games, and hidden gems for tournaments, without having to worry about price.

An Innovative Scoring System

Another cool thing about Sportito is their point scoring system. There are some scoring mechanics here we’ve rarely – if ever – seen on other sites!

For instance, midfielders get a bonus 2 points if their team gets a Clean Sheet (an honour usually reserved for goalies and defenders). Also, players get a cheeky +0.25 bonus for playing the full 90 minutes on the field. For more info on the scoring system, check out the game rules page.

We’ll be getting a full review on Sportito out once we’ve had more chances to play on their site. If you’re craving reviews, you can always head over to our Reviews section to see how sites shape up.

Check out Sportito today!

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