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Companies Join Forces To Provide UK Market Ready-made DFS Platform

It seems like a lot more UK companies are going to start offering DFS gaming. Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc. have signed a deal with NYX Digital Gaming to distribute their Daily Fantasy Sports product across the UK.

The creation and distribution of a Global Daily Fantasy Sports platform will mean lots of companies – from traditional sportsbooks to online casinos – can add DFS gaming to their site.

It is possible for sites to do this anyway; however, this ready-made and flexible platform will make introducing a DFS element much easier.

The two Canadian companies aim to infiltrate the legally regulated UK market, in order to help companies diversify their offerings to punters. This sounds like a great move for our developing DFS scene!

Global Daily Fantasy Sports in the UK

Global Daily Fantasy Sports, in partnership with NYX, can provide a challenging force for other companies wishing to cash in on the DFS market. Furthermore, for players this means more DFS opportunities to choose from!

The NYX Open Gaming System (OGS) is already connected to hundreds of websites, making a great starting-point for Global Daily Fantasy Sports to promote DFS. These sites include popular sportsbooks like Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill, and Betfair.

They will be entering a market where U.S. heavyweights like DraftKings and FanDuel have set up UK offerings. Along with popular European football sites like Mondogoal, they have set up a robust starting point for British DFS platforms.

The Global/NYX daily fantasy sports platform will provide a healthy level of competition to these sites, also allowing you much more choice on where to spend your money.

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