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FanDuel UK Target Date Announced

The UK Daily Fantasy Sports community is welcoming FanDuel to our shores soon. The major DFS provider has announced the launch date of a FanDuel UK website.

FanDuel have been talking about a UK launch since last year, and now the operator has announced a target launch date this August.

Update – the FanDuel website is now up and running!

The launch’s success depends on whether one of FanDuel’s two license applications is granted.

What will the FanDuel UK site be like?

FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles, during interview with VentureBeat, said the FanDuel UK site will be different to the company’s US site.

He said the new website will start by focusing on football, an August launch coinciding with the upcoming English Premier League and European Champions League fixtures.

Eccles also said that they will add other sports of UK and European interest, such as golf, cricket and rugby, to the UK site over time. The prospect of daily fantasy rugby is particularly exciting, as there is currently little on offer for rugby fans in the daily fantasy sports community.

Unlike competitor site DraftKings, it seems the FanDuel UK offering would focus more on popular British sports. Also, the company will keep the FanDuel UK and US websites separate. This means players won’t be able to play from the same account on one and the other.

FanDuel UK and the U.S. Legal Debates

There has been speculation that FanDuel is launching a UK platform not only to reach out to our expanding community. They may also be motivated to explore locations less ravaged by recent policy changes than the U.S. Eleven U.S. states have made online DFS illegal, whereas others have decided to legalise it (see this interactive U.S. States map on LegalSportsReport to keep updated).

These state-based decisions even caused both FanDuel and DraftKings to pull out of New York earlier this year. The recent legal decisions encouraged talk at a congressional level, with a panel discussing the legal future of DFS.

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