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Redesigned FanDuel Bans Third Party Scripting in New ‘Bill of Rights’

DailyFantasyUK reporting with our interpretation of the new FanDuel Rights Bill for U.S. daily fantasy sports players.

FanDuel have just made some huge changes to their U.S. website, looking to refresh their format and be more accessible and honest to players. In addition to an entire redesign, FanDuel have published a Bill of Rights, aiming to be more transparent with their users.

Answering the Legislators

This revamp comes after accusations from U.S. legislators that some DFS players are vulnerable to highly skilled shark players. These players use third party scripting devices to enter and edit huge numbers of contest entries.

Such accusations are part of the reason why daily fantasy sports have been recently suffering legal complications in the States.

The FanDuel Rights Bill – as well as a new overall image – seems to have been created to address these worries, to get in line with the new regulatory direction for DFS in the U.S.

The FanDuel Rights Bill

The first rule of the FanDuel Rights Bill concerns banning third party scripting

The first rule of the FanDuel Rights Bill concerns banning third party scripting

The main points of the FanDuel Rights Bill are as follows:

  • A level playing field. FanDuel has banned third party scripting and will clearly mark contest entry limits.
  • Experienced players exposed. They will mark some players as ‘Experienced’ or ‘Highly Experienced’ so you have a better idea of who you are playing against.
  • Beginners contests. New players will have the chance to enter contests for beginners only, to play against others with similar experience levels. No sharks here!
  • Clear rules. Each contest will detail the prize pool, payout structure, scoring system, and entry cost before players enter.
  • Individual accounts protected. The site will not use a player’s account funds for its daily operations.
  • Players’ choice. Contests will include free contests, 50/50s, tournaments, head-to-heads, and private leagues.

Possible Complications

A stricter approach to scripting; player experience levels; and multiple contest entries hasn’t always helped DFS sites financially.

Yahoo‘s daily fantasy sports site, recently bought out by Verizon Communications, has had such rules in place for a while.

Yahoo has struggled in comparison to other sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. Ben Collins from The Daily Beast has made a compelling argument that their honesty is partly why Yahoo’s transparency may have lost them big players, whereas:

“DraftKings and FanDuel were notorious for allowing high-end bettors to saturate the market with almost every conceivable pick.”

With the FanDuel Rights Bill, it looks like this will not be the case for much longer. But will the more transparent, honest game be at the expense of big players and bigger cash prizes? We’ll just have to wait and see.

FanDuel in the UK

British union jack flag

We’re interested to see how the FanDuel Bill of Rights will translate over to the upcoming UK FanDuel site.

Despite online gambling being legal over here, we would still like to see clear and informative rules and regulations to help all players get the best DFS experience.

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