New Site, Fanaments, has finally landed in the UK

There’s a new site in town, offering the best in Daily Fantasy Sports for British players. Fanaments recently acquired a UK licence, so now we have a chance to check out this brand new site!

Who are they?

Fanaments is owned by a Maltese igaming company (also known as Fanaments) and they’ve got big plans to expand all across Europe. They launched in 2015, but it’s the first time the site is offering its services to the people of the UK, since securing a licence with the UK Gambling Commission.

The future for Fanaments looks very promising; they’ve already made outgoing payments of more than 300,000 euros and the company states a growth of 100% every single month.

What Fanaments offers

Fanaments UK Daily Fantasy Sports Homepage

What’s really great about Fanaments is that they offer a range of different games to play, including:

  • Football.
  • Basketball.
  • Golf.
  • MMA tournaments.

We’re particularly excited about MMA tournaments. That’s some pretty unique stuff, with the varied games ensuring you’ll never get bored. The CEO, Bragi Ægisson knows it too, as he said: “It is very exciting that we are the only multi-sport fantasy service on the continent.”

He mentions how football dominates the Daily Fantasy scene. In his words, there is an “over-reliance on football”. This is definitely true for the UK, where there are not many big sites that offer more than just fantasy football. Fanaments strives to correct this, and fill that gap in the market, “and so our objective is to satisfy the craving for additional sports.” They’re doing pretty well if you ask us!

If you like multi-sports sites, PlayON is very similar, offering a choice of football, basketball and cricket. There’s a number of other neat UK-based sites too, check out our review of our guide to UK sites.

Game Play

Fanaments' how to play screen for Daily Fantasy Sports

Fanaments features a beautiful interface that is very user-friendly and easy to manoeuvre. It looks slick, and it’s a dream to use. You can play choose to play for free, or with real money. They’re not shy with their prizes either – there are monthly bonus prizes for the best players.

Play Fanaments contests today!

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