Eagle Strike Fantasy Sports

Virginia to host first ever Daily Fantasy Sports terminals in bars

Eagle Strike Fantasy Sports is a daily fantasy sports operation with a twist.

Competitors will still pick out a team of real players for their fantasy lineup, but in person instead of online.

Daily Fantasy Sports Terminals

Mock-up of an Eagle Strike Fantasy Sports terminal

The Eagle Strike Fantasy Sports model involves what the company calls ‘fantasy sports terminals‘. These touch-screen terminals will be placed in sports bars and restaurants throughout the Commonwealth. Users simply have to put in cash to start playing.

Contest winners can redeem their cash prize at the bar with a printed cash ticket. Or they can choose to deposit their winnings into an account for future gaming.

Eagle Strike Fantasy Sports terminals are to become the first of their kind in the United States. The terminals will initially host NFL competitions, but there are plans to expand towards PGA golf, NASCAR and other sports.

Operating from the DFS-friendly Virginia, Eagle Strike Fantasy Sports have set up deals with over 50 venues in the state to host terminals.

Playing DFS Down the Pub?

A row of beer taps

Will we be seeing DFS terminals cropping up in UK pubs and bars? Only time will tell. They would have a certain amount of competition from the gambling machines already there, as well as the betting shops.

It’s already common for pubs and other venues to offer fantasy football leagues, so it’s not a stretch to imagine people playing daily fantasy sports in their favourite local.

Nonetheless, this U.S. development is still exciting for DFS fans the world over, as more opportunities to play are slowly presenting themselves. Perhaps Eagle Strike Fantasy Sports will be the start of a new trend.

If DraftKings and FanDuel, the U.S. giants, can open UK sites, hopefully the UK can welcome DFS terminals too.

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