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News Roundup: FanDuel and DraftKings to pay NY $12m, Vulcun eSports company turns to streaming, Boom Fantasy app offers in-play predictions

Welcome to the DailyFantasyUK news roundup! The big story this fortnight has been the DraftKings FanDuel New York settlement. The State has charged the companies a whopping $12 million dollars.

In other news, ex-daily fantasy eSports company Vulcun have made a fresh start, in the video-streaming world, with their new Streamlabs product. Also, new daily fantasy sports app Boom Fantasy is promoting in-game predictions for fans. Read on to get the full scoop on these stories.

DraftKings FanDuel New York settlement comes to $12m


It looks like the DraftKings and FanDuel court case in New York is finally coming to an end. The two daily fantasy providers have settled to pay Attorney General Eric Schneiderman $6 million each.

The DraftKings FanDuel New York settlement will cover penalties and fees the companies have gained from alleged false advertising violations.

Finally being able to settle lawsuits that Schneiderman’s office filed in October 2015 must come as a relief to the pair. Both sites did stop offering paid New York daily fantasy contests in March this year. However, the State government then legalised daily fantasy sports in June (though Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law in August).

In response to the settlement, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman stated:

“DraftKings and FanDuel will now be required to operate with greater transparency and disclosure and to permanently end the misrepresentations they made to millions of consumers.”

The DraftKings FanDuel New York settlement also requires the companies to:

  • Disclose the success rates of users in their contests.
  • Disclose the percentage of winnings from the top 1%, 5% and 10% of users.
  • Make gambling addiction resources available on their websites.

Daily fantasy sites have already been improving their transparency and commitment to fans, for example by banning third-party scripting and making note of experienced players.

Daily fantasy esports site Vulcun turns attention to streaming software

Screenshot of Streamlabs streaming software example

The former esports daily fantasy provider Vulcun have now reinvented themselves as Streamlabs. Their company now provides software for content creators to get tips from their subscribers.

Streamlabs has done very well on the popular video game streaming site Twitch. Their software is now available for creators across YouTube — a great success for the esports veterans.

VentureBeat has reported that 63% of the top 20,000 Twitch streamers use Streamlabs. In addition, now over 2,000 YouTubers (with a total 2.3 million subscribers) have requested the software for live-stream videos.

The Streamlabs team, formerly working on Vulcun daily fantasy esports, decided to move away from daily fantasy after legal issues in the United States. Their competitor AlphaDraft stopped offering paid contests in October. However, daily fantasy eSports is still available on DFS platforms like DraftKings.

Streamlabs is free for content creators, meaning they get 100% of their tips. The company makes money from its premium features.

Boom Fantasy brings in-game prediction to DFS

Screenshot of Boom Fantasy logo

Want something a bit different out of your daily fantasy game? The Boom Fantasy app may appeal to you!

Boom Fantasy allows sports fans to make predictions while a game is live, or before a match starts. This is very different to the salary capped, team rostering model as seen everywhere from DraftKings to Mondogoal.

The Boom Fantasy app is only currently available in the U.S. but we’re looking out for similar innovation in the UK market. Plus you can try out a free example contest on the Boom Fantasy website.

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