The State of Delaware

Delaware Daily Fantasy Sports Banned

Another blow for DFS in the United States – it looks like Delaware Daily Fantasy Sports is no more.

Delaware Attorney General Matthew Dean has sent cease and desist letters to DFS sites DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo. The operators have since started the process of pulling out of operation in this state.

This news comes after local legislators did not pass pending legislation, to legalise DFS in Delaware, before adjourning meetings for the year.

Delaware Daily Fantasy Sports fans will no longer be able to play DFS competitively for money. This is because cash sites will have to add Delaware to the list of states not allowing paid DFS.

New York and Delaware: A Tale of Two States

A similar situation could have occurred in New York, though thankfully it did not. After NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ordered them to cease and desist, DraftKings and FanDuel pulled out of New York earlier this year.

However, New York representatives passed a legislative bill to regulate DFS just before states politicians adjourned. This means DFS is now legal in New York.

A huge number of DFS fans reside in New York. The impact there would have been far greater than that of Delaware Daily Fantasy Sports.

Though it’s still bad news for DFS giants like DraftKings, who have also had a UK website since earlier this year. Fewer participating States means fewer players to compete against in your favourite daily fantasy games.

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