Perfect Lineup: A DFS Documentary

‘Perfect Lineup’ Daily Fantasy Sports Film Documents DFS Success

Heads up DFS film fans: Perfect Lineup is the Daily Fantasy Sports film documentary you’ve been waiting for.

This Daily Fantasy Sports film should be on every player’s watch-list! As well as compelling success stories, Perfect Lineup provides you with key insights into how to play at a professional level and win big cash prizes.

The World’s First Daily Fantasy Sports Film

Perfect Lineup is the first feature-length Daily Fantasy Sports film of its kind. Texan director and fantasy sports fan Jason Baumgardner documents the explosive rise of this multi-billion dollar industry, which is now hugely popular in the UK.

Interviews in the film include testimonies from DraftKings and FanDuel CEOs. You’ll also hear from prominent professional players, as well as members of the wider DFS community.

Documenting The DFS Lifestyle

The Perfect Lineup daily fantasy sports film documents the lives of DFS players, including some amazing and inspiring success stories.

For example, Scott and Danielle Hanson won $2 million dollars playing NFL daily fantasy sports in 2014, and Scott is now a professional NBA daily fantasy player.

Professional daily fantasy sports players Scott and Danielle Hanson from their interview in the Perfect Lineup daily fantasy sports film.

DFS player and podcast host Dan Back is also interviewed. Back started his RotoGrinders podcast in 2011 and now airs live on U.S. radio. His love of DFS and professional expertise have allowed him to become a stay-at-home dad while pursuing a successful career.

Perfect Lineup invites viewers to “experience how a culture of skill-based, “fantasy day traders” have created a new way of making a living, and how everyone who plays DFS enjoys sports at a whole new level.

The Daily Fantasy Sports Explosion

This Daily Fantasy Sports film captures the spirit of the massively popular game, by going directly to the source: the people who have helped make the industry what it is today.

Providing insights into the nature of the Daily Fantasy Sports industry and its most prominent figures, Perfect Lineup is not to be missed by any DFS player.

A few of the interviewed professionals compare DFS with stock trading, given how playing involves statistical research. Professional player Brett Hartfiel comments:

“You’ve just got to look at them like each person is a stock and how much do you have invested in this.”

In the Perfect Lineup trailer, DraftKings CEO Jason Robbins sums up what makes DFS so exciting to sports fans:

“Daily Fantasy is the pinnacle – it creates entertainment on every single play of every single game.”

No argument here – Daily Fantasy Sports have become a big part of the UK sports scene, partly thanks to the innovative thinking of U.S. companies and fans.

So When Can I Watch It?

Perfect Lineup is set for general release later this summer. A red carpet premiere event with a director Q&A took place on June 12th.

For now, you can watch the Perfect Lineup trailer here:

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