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News Roundup: AlphaDraft eSports site closes contests, Millionaire Maker brother cleared of collusion, DraftKings scraps NBA late swap

There has been a lot going on in the daily fantasy sports world in the last couple of weeks! From FanDuel’s eSports betting site AlphaDraft ceasing to run competitions, to DraftKings changing its late swap features, it seems the daily fantasy landscape is constantly changing.

Check out our news roundup to see which daily fantasy sports stories have been making the headlines.

Screenshot of AlphaDraft website showing no contests are available

FanDuel closes its doors on eSports site AlphaDraft

Popular eSports betting site AlphaDraft has stopped paid eSports contests for daily fantasy players.

FanDuel-owned AlphaDraft ceased offering contests on Friday 21st October, with the conclusion of the League of Legends world championships.

In an email to site users, AlphaDraft said:

“What started with only a few eSports contests expanded along the way and we are very proud of the platform we built.

“However, as we continue to evaluate the eSports landscape, we are announcing today that we have made the difficult decision to stop offering fantasy eSports contests on AlphaDraft.”

Daily fantasy eSports contests are still offered on FanDuel’s US website, as well as on DraftKings for UK players. However, with the closure of AlphaDraft following the closure of fellow eSports betting site Vulcun in July, options are becoming limited for fantasy eSports fans.

DraftKings banner for NFL Millionaire Maker contest

Millionaire Maker winner cleared of collusion with brother

DraftKings have cleared Millionaire Maker winner Martin Crowley (papagates) from the possibility of colluding with his brother.

The daily fantasy site investigated Crowley after he won half of Millionaire Maker’s prize money in NFL game week 3. His brother Tom Crowley (chipotleaddict) had also entered lineups into the contest, and is a past Millionaire Maker winner.

Suspicions arose when others noticed that the two brothers had no overlaps in their lineups. Rotogrinders forum user Mphst18 had aired suspicions on the pair’s past lineup behaviour. This occurred before Martin Crowley had even won money on the Millionaire Maker contest.

DraftKings concluded there was no evidence of collusion between the two siblings, despite the statistical unlikeliness of the two having no lineup overlaps.

Martin Crowley, who denied allegations from the start, told the Wall Street Journal the situation has “upset” him. He has now asked DraftKings to clarify what counts as collusion in an industry that promotes friends discussing lineups and strategies.

Basketball players

DraftKings scraps late swap for NBA contests

DraftKings has removed the late swap feature from NBA contests on its site. The purpose of this change appears to be making contests easier and more fun for casual DFS basketball players.

The DFS site has had to defend their decision, which has disappointed some players. In response to criticism, DraftKings representative Jonathan Aguiar commented on Twitter:

“We believe that telling a new/casual NBA fan that “scouring twitter” for hours is part of playing DFS would not help grow the game.”

There has been some backlash to the decisions from DFS players online. Twitter user replied to Aguiar saying: “Cool. Keep catering to the potential new customers and continue to alienate the people who help build the business.”

Others have tried to look at the bigger picture, arguing the root of the problem lies with the NBA itself. Rotogrinders forum user crazypaul pointed out: “The real problem is the NBA has no rules on when lineups have to be announced to the media like the NFL does.”

DraftKings has been focusing heavily on making its contests better for casual players this year. This includes the newly added Social Leagues feature to encourage competition between friends.

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