World of DFS: Biweekly News Roundup

In recent Daily Fantasy Sports news –

  • Germany has reversed regulations that were restricting European DFS websites.
  • United States congress will discuss the legality of DFS.
  • London will be hosting an eSports Betting Summit.

European daily fantasy sports operators now unrestricted in Germany

German fans waving flags

A court in Germany has reversed a national license cap on daily fantasy sports companies, after finding it illegal.

EU sports betting companies, therefore, can operate in Germany now, as they are legally unrestricted.

The court found that a twenty license restriction “constitutes an infringement of European law standards, namely against the freedom to provide services (Art. 56 TFEU).”

The above-quoted Treaty for European Union (TFEU) overrules state and federal laws in EU countries.

Secretary General of the European Gaming and Betting association Sigrid Ligné said this development has “emphatically confirmed that the German online gambling regime has reached a practical and legal dead end.

This is great news for Europe-based DFS sites like Mondogoal, and furthermore ensures DFS can continue to grow worldwide.

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U.S. Congress to discuss the legal future of DFS

The United States Capitol

A United States debate on the legality of fantasy sports websites seems to be coming to a head soon. Next month a U.S. Congress panel will be discussing the issue at a federal level.

As it stands, 21 states from Virginia to Massachusetts and Indiana (click to read more) have recently regulated online DFS to declare its legality.

These states will also be able to cash in on this hugely lucrative industry. This will put financial strain on daily fantasy sports operators, but is better than cases where states have outright banned DFS.

DFS and other fantasy sports contests have been deemed legal or illegal in different states. This depends on whether a state defines them as games of skill or chance. In a few states, like New York, fantasy sports are classed as games of chance. This makes them as illegal because online gambling is banned in the U.S. On the other hand, online DFS is legal when classed as skill-based. This explains the differing decisions from state to state.

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We are hoping federal regulators will respect the skill-based nature of DFS in declaring it legal. On the other hand, even if DFS is banned at a federal level it can still be legal under state legislature. We will be keeping you updated as matters develop.

UK eSports Betting Summit for Gaming and Gambling Industries

A large scale League of Legends eSports event.

A League of Legends eSports event.

London will hold the first ever conference on eSports and betting on May 18th, 2016. The conference aims to explore connections between sports betting and the growing eSports industry.

Fantasy eSports contests, for games like League of Legends, have been rising in popularity for months. DraftKings and FanDuel both offer these contests.

According to financial projections, the eSports betting industry could surpass $20 billion within five years. eSports clearly carries great potential for DFS websites as well as betting sportsbooks.

Panels at the eSports Betting Summit will include discussions on:

  • The intersections between eSports and betting.
  • Match fixing and doping problems in the eSports world.
  • The phenomenon of “skin betting”, where players make bets with in-game items like weapons and armour.

That’s all we have for you today. Keep on track with all the latest daily fantasy sports news on the DailyFantasyUK News section.

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