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DraftKings and FanDuel to get the Hollywood Treatment in new film

Grab your popcorn and a comfy seat because DFS is getting the Hollywood treatment in a feature-length daily fantasy sports film.

TriStar Pictures have bought the rights to upcoming daily fantasy sports book The Big Short. Clearly the film studio wants to tap into one of the USA’s hottest topics of 2016.

Originally reported on Deadline, the announcement of a daily fantasy sports film is sure to interest DFS fans everywhere.

Daily Fantasy Sports on Film

This isn’t the first daily fantasy sports film to surface; we posted about Perfect Lineup a while ago. This feature length documentary has a very positive message about the game. Director Jason Baumgardner documents the lives of DFS companies, players and big league winners.

It seems a film based on The Big Short will be a much grittier affair. The book will focus on the legal scandal that has gripped daily fantasy in the U.S. since late 2015. Written by Sports Illustrated staff writer Allen Chen, this story will guide readers through the battles DraftKings and FanDuel have fought in State courts across the country to recognise DFS as a legal game of skill.

This battle has featured wins and losses across the country. The legalisation of DFS in New York was a big gain. Other states like Virginia and Massachusetts have also legalised the game. In other states – such as Delaware – legislators have banned operators. In others still, their fate currently hangs in the balance.

These legal developments have caused DFS operators to struggle financially. There were even talks of a FanDuel-DraftKings merger. If one thing is certain, the industry has had a fascinating history, which will be interesting to see in film.

A Good Development for DFS?

They say all publicity is good publicity. However, the tone of this daily fantasy sports film may damage the reputations of operators like DraftKings and FanDuel. Hopefully viewers will also be shown the positive aspects of DFS, as well as problems due to lack of regulation.

Some have slated the past year’s events as the beginning of the end for DFS. We like to take a more positive stance on the issue. Operators are clearly learning from past mistakes and taking pains to make playing safer and more enjoyable for players.

FanDuel, for instance, have a new Bill of Rights as part of their total redesign earlier this year. The bill tackles third-party scripting, multi-entry contests, and beginners contests.

Whichever tone it takes, we’re sure the book and eventual film The Big Short will tackle this industry’s dramatic history head-on.

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