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Top 5 Tips For Daily Fantasy Football Team Selection

Finessing your squad roster selection in daily fantasy football is an art form. While getting into the nitty gritty of the technical side of selection can be a lot of fun, there’s a number of overarching daily fantasy football rules you should bear in mind. They will help keep your selection process on the straight and narrow.

In this post we’ll lay out five of the most important daily fantasy football rules you should remember if you want to pick a team which comes within budget, but optimises the number of points you chalk up on the scoresheet.

1. Forget Team Loyalty

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Don’t go picking players just because they play for your favourite club. Now I’m not saying you should never choose players just because you support their side. However, you’re seriously limiting your options if you choose primarily from a team you’re loyal to.

It’s a tough thing to face up to, but often your biggest rivals just have the players who are going to score higher in daily fantasy football, and you’re not proving anything to anyone if you refuse to put them in your line-up.

The counter argument, of course, is that these are the players you probably know most about. After all, familiarity with performance is a cornerstone of daily fantasy football. By all means, look to your team as a starting point, but don’t let familiarity blind you to other options.

Many sites actually limit the number of players you can roster from a single team, so the decision is partly made for you.

2. Don’t Splash Out on Big Stars

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It might seem like a no-brainer. Get a couple of big names on your roster and you’re sure to have a successful tournament – right? Not exactly.

In traditional, season-long fantasy football, where the focus of scoring is geared more towards goal scoring and clean sheets, it might have made more sense to free up more of your budget for a big striker or two. The nuances of the daily game, however, make this strategy far less successful. You’re far better off spreading your budget across a team of cheaper but still profitable players.

3. Consider Set Pieces

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Again, this is all about knowing how the scoring system works. Most sites will be rewarding you not just for goals. If you have a number of players who are likely to be taking penalties, free kicks and corners, you’ve got a much higher likelihood of racking up points on goals and assists.

You should be able to find out pretty easily which players are likely to be taking these shots. Plus you’ll often find they are fairly undervalued.

4. Avoid the Unknown

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There’s a good reason that daily fantasy football is considered gambling. Despite all the research you can do, it’s still ultimately impossible to predict the outcome of games. Luckily, however, there’s plenty of ways to avoid too much uncertainty.

For instance: don’t take risks by fielding new signings. Also, don’t give too much credence to the idea that recently promoted teams have lots of undervalued players.

5. Choose Players Who Will Play

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So this final point might sound blindingly obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. To rack up big points, you need players who are going to start on the pitch and stay on the pitch. There’s no point paying for someone if they’re just going to be watching the clock tick out from the bench.

These are our cardinal daily fantasy football rules for rostering a stellar team. In reality, it’s a bit more complicated, but remember these rules to help you make the best player choices you can. Happy playing!

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