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How To Research Your Winning Daily Fantasy Strategies

Effective research is a big part of a successful DFS manager’s approach to developing winning daily fantasy strategies. From recent statistics to the latest news, knowing the facts and possibilities for a day’s fixtures can make a huge difference on your fantasy performances.

It can be difficult to know where to start, given how much information is available online about daily fantasy strategies. Fear not! We have put together a list of tips and tricks for making the most of good resources for your research.

Go To The Sources

DFS websites carry their own statistics and predictions for the daily fantasy sports contests they offer, and can be great resources for your own daily fantasy strategies.

The DraftKings Playbook contains daily fantasy strategies and news.

The DraftKings Playbook contains daily fantasy strategies and news.

When rostering a lineup, looking at a player’s fantasy performance over time can be more informative than going for players you think usually do really well.

For example, has a player not been playing for the last few matches – why? Are their fantasy scores all over the place or consistent?

Also, many DFS websites offer learning and research opportunities in separate sections of the site – like the DraftKings Playbook, or FanDuel Insider.

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Get On The Forums

It’s always good to look at a range of resources when gathering information for your daily fantasy strategies. Alternative websites (like us, for one!) can help you access more than what the contest websites have on offer.

Rotogrinders website logo.

DFS website RotoGrinders has an active daily fantasy strategies forum.

One of our favourite online sources has got to be RotoGrinders, the daily fantasy sports forum and website where experienced players offer their tips, thoughts and daily fantasy strategies.

It’s a bit less slick than some of the DFS information website sections, but this is also a good thing. RotoGrinders has more of a community spirit, as daily fantasy fans can easily interact.

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Read The News

This could include anything from the BBC Sports website to specific DFS news sites. Basically, wherever you can get the latest news relating to the sports and games in which your fantasy rosters will play.


Look out for weather changes, last minute injuries, or any factor which could affect your players’ performances. Even reports on personal scandals or other distracting revelations are relevant!Rolling news websites are the best place to go – print doesn’t have the edge on keeping the news as fresh as possible.

Get Social

Social media can help you keep on the pulse of the fast-paced daily fantasy world. Constantly updating accounts are an easy way to access the latest news, facts and opinions.

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Any sports team or player worth their salt will have social media outlets, so consider Twitter, Facebook and other sites when developing daily fantasy strategies.

Screenshot of the Arsenal FC twitter feed.

Social media accounts help you stay on the pulse of daily fantasy news and strategies.

DFS websites frequently have social media accounts where you can find news and tips. Try the Twitter feeds for MondoGoal, DraftKings and FanFeud.

You can also follow daily fantasy players and pundits online for more information and advice.

Develop Your Daily Fantasy Strategies!

The more research you do and the more you play, the better your daily fantasy strategies will become. This will hopefully increase your chances of winning contests and cash prizes!

For tips and tricks on how to play Daily Fantasy, visit our Guides section.

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