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Introduction to DFS Golf

Football, basketball, and baseball have all been common fantasy sports for years. But golf? Believe it or not, fantasy golf is becoming more and more mainstream thanks to the advent of daily fantasy. Whilst there are still far fewer DFS golf players than those playing the more traditional fantasy sports, DFS can transform golf from a sport that’s not considered especially exciting to one that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. Here’s a quick introduction to the world of DFS golf.

How do you play?

First off (obviously), you’ll need to sign up for a site offering DFS golf. It’s less commonly found than other sports, with only a few sites offering it at all. While DFS golf is bigger stateside, players on this side of the pond can get a piece of the action too, with UK players able to choose between Fanaments and the US market leader DraftKings. US players can choose between DraftKings and several competitors, including DraftDay, Fantasy Feud and StarsDraft.

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Then, once you’re in, there’s a whole world of possibilities to explore. You’ll need to pay an entry fee to enter any tournament. The fee varies on the size and type of tournament.

DraftKings offers several types of tournament for players:

Types of Tournaments
  • Guaranteed – also known as Guaranteed Prize Pools or GPPs, these are generally larger tournaments and may require bigger entry fees. These are some of the hardest tournaments to make money on – only a relatively small proportion of players will make money on these tournaments – but the top prizes can be big. (We’ll come back to just how big later on).
  • Qualifiers – smaller tournaments. Good for those not looking to spend too much, winning in the qualifiers can also mean you get access to some of the larger tournaments.
  • Head-to-head – the name gives it away. You’re up against one other player, and whichever of you gets the higher score wins the cash. In theory, you have a 50% chance of winning, but this type of contest favours the experienced over the beginners.
  • 50/50 – half of the players in these tournaments win, half lose. Winning here means you can double (or near-double) your initial entry fee.

How do I put together my team?

Now you’ve chosen your tournament, it’s time to choose your line-up. On DraftKings, you get six picks, and a salary cap of $50,000. This means that you get to spend an average of $8,333 per golfer, and there are a variety of strategies on how to spend your fantasy $50k, most involving a balance between big-name stars and lesser-known players.

Beginner tips and strategy!
The one common thread running through every successful strategy is that thorough research is vital. Key info to check out includes which players have been performing well recently, who performs better on that particular course, sportsbook odds, and insider info that may affect play.

The key difference between DFS and ‘traditional’ fantasy sports is that for each tournament, you get to pick a new roster. This means that even if a particular weekend goes badly, it’s not going to ruin your entire season.

DraftKings PGA Golf Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup

Here’s how you create a PGA Golf lineup on Draft Kings

What could I win?

The amount you can win varies depending on the type of tournament you enter and the number of players entering. GPPs can offer some of the biggest top prizes, with thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars up for grabs. The biggest giveaway to date in the world of DFS golf was DraftKings’ PGA Millionaire Maker, which awarded a top prize of – you guessed it – $1,000,000, with a total prize fund of $3.3m. But while these massive wins are obviously a draw, it’s usually easier – especially for beginners – to earn money playing in smaller qualifying tournaments or in 50/50 competitions, where stakes are lower and the proportion of winners is higher.

Daily Fantasy Golf - Millionaire Maker Promo Tournament

It’s typical to see six-figure prizes in DFS golf tournaments

So, how can I win that?

To begin with – sign up! When you create an account at either DraftKings or Fanaments, they’ll match your first deposit – DraftKings will match up to £400 for UK players or $600 in the US, while Fanaments will match your first deposit up to €600. Then research, research, research before choosing the tournament that’s right for you and putting together your team. And finally, hope that luck is on your side that weekend! Now you’re ready to get on the virtual green – good luck!

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