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Fantasy Tennis: a Guide to the Basics

Wimbledon’s in full swing, so why not get your teeth stuck into some fantasy tennis? Despite the game’s massive popularity, it rarely seems to be featured on the major DFS sites. Don’t despair, however—there are still some great options out there for any tennis fans.

So, how does fantasy tennis work?

Tennis might not seem to lend itself to fantasy play as much as other team sports such as football or rugby. However, the principles are exactly the same.

You simply have to draft in a lineup which is likely to score you as many points as possible. Because of the individual nature of tennis, however, it’s wise to treat it much in the same way as golf when you’re playing it online.

There are a few different methods of approaching fantasy tennis, which vary from site to site. The first of these options is to select your team before the tournament begins, and then to wait for it to progress.

This can be a really exciting way of playing, but can also be frustrating, as you’ll be stuck with your choices throughout the tournament. Even if you’re certain that your selections will perform, you can’t account for any injuries!

The second way you can choose to play fantasy tennis is on a daily basis—this means that you can pick your team from the choice of matches being played every day. This is potentially a more involving fantasy tennis experience, but will require much more effort on your behalf.

The final way that you can play fantasy tennis online is called ‘Survival’. In this mode, you can only pick one player from per round. You can only pick each player once, and if they lose then you get knocked out completely!

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Sounds good, how are points awarded?

This varies from site to site, but generally you’ll be awarded points any time one of your players does well in a game, wins a set, wins a match, or wins a tournament.

Conversely, you’ll be deducted points when your player performs badly. This could be because of double faults, or losing a set by a large number of games.

Where can I play?

Finding somewhere reliable to play fantasy tennis in the UK used to be quite difficult, until a new player came onto the scene at the beginning of this year. Fantasy Tennis League was launched just before the 2017 Australian Open, and is backed by Tennis Australia.

To play on Fantasy Tennis League, you’re initially given a budget of $100 million. With this you must choose 16 players—8 main team players, and 8 to sit on the bench.

Your bench players don’t actually score you any points, but it’s important to keep a good secondary roster in case any of your bigger stars gets injured.

It’s also important to place your players in the correct positions: your captain earns you 50% extra points, and your three key players will each score 20% extra points.

Selecting a team on Fantasy Tennis League

You’re allowed to change your team any time you like, but if you make the changes after the current tournament week lockout, they won’t be applied until the next tournament week begins.

There’s also a great range of prizes, and thousands of players playing actively. This really sets Fantasy Tennis League apart from its rivals, which tend to have much smaller user bases.

While Fantasy Tennis League would definitely be our recommendation, there are a couple of other alternatives that you can access in the UK. For more information, check out our article from last year.

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