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How To Use The DraftKings Social Leagues Feature

Combine the fast-paced excitement of daily fantasy with the social nature of traditional fantasy leagues. What do you get? DraftKings social leagues!

With DraftKings Social Leagues, you can battle it out with your buddies for cash and bragging rights, all season long. Plus you don’t have the same level of week-in, week out commitment involved in season-long fantasy.

Find out how to play with friends on DraftKings with our social league guide.

DraftKings Social Leagues

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The huge daily fantasy operator DraftKings launched DraftKings Social Leagues back in August. This private feature allows you to invite friends to play DraftKings contests in an exclusive group.

Here’s a quick how-to on DraftKings social leagues:

  • To get things started, head on over to the Leagues tab to create a league and choose a name. If you’re not sure what to call it, DraftKings can suggest one for you! With gems like ‘Alliance of Majestic Armadillos’ and ‘League of Dopey Rookies’ what’s not to like?
  • Invite your friends to join the league. If they’re not on DraftKings yet it takes no time at all to sign up for an account. Email, text, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon – it’s really easy to send out invites (okay, maybe not by pigeon).
  • Now you can create a contest for any sport on DraftKings. Your league doesn’t have to stick to one sport either. You can have a football contest one week, golf another. You can even indulge in some League of Legends geekery with Daily Fantasy eSports.
  • Your friends will be notified when the contest is up, and you can all submit your lineups. Let the banter commence!

New Features

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A cool feature on DraftKings social leagues is that you can create recurring contests to run all season long. Your league will enter the same contest every week, meaning you don’t have to create a contest again and again.

Everyone’s scores can be seen on a specially created leader board – adding a healthy level of competition, and ultimate bragging rights for whoever is in first position!

DraftKings social leagues bring back the social aspect of season-long fantasy leagues but updated for the action-packed competitive world of daily fantasy. It’s just more fun being able to trash talk with friends, and now you can without committing to one fantasy team!

For more information, check out DraftKings’ video promo on social leagues.

Waiting on FanDuel Friends Mode

Screenshot from FanDuel Friends Mode promotional video

FanDuel launched Friends Mode gaming just before DraftKings Social Leagues came on the scene, as part of its major redesign. As another big DFS operator and long-time DraftKings rival, it made sense for FanDuel to make a similar move into social leagues.

The operator describes FanDuel Friends Mode as ‘a new season-long fantasy product‘, bringing familiar elements of traditional fantasy sports into the daily fantasy era.

Furthermore, FanDuel said they want to acknowledge that ‘the greatest benefits of fantasy sports are the camaraderie, competition and excitement it adds to the sports fan experience’, not just winning cash.

Friends Mode was released in time for NFL Week 1 on the U.S. website. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the UK. When it does come to the UK site, however, we imagine it will look pretty similar to the new U.S. offering.

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