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How To Make The Most Of DraftKings Bonuses?

DailyFantasyUK here with tips on how to make the most of your DraftKings bonuses, rewards and opportunities!

Players always want to get the most out of their games, and this rings true even more strongly when you’re playing for cash. Daily Fantasy site DraftKings has an impressive range of bonus systems, from Frequent Player Points to free contest tickets and surprise bonus contests. We’ve summarised a few of the best ways to gain more cash and in-game DraftKings bonuses…

Deposit Bonus

DraftKings match your deposits pound for pound up to £400, but they release deposit bonuses bit by bit. The trick is to collect Frequent Player Points (FPP). You will need to gain a certain number of FPPs before each cash bonus release.

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It can be difficult for casual players to collect their full deposit bonus as there is a four month release limit, but this is a great way to make the most out of your Daily Fantasy games and particularly useful for frequent players.

Only one deposit bonus is active at a time, so for more casual players it may be better to make small deposits more frequently, to be able to make the most of each bonus within the time limit.

Screenshot from DraftKings Player Rewards information page on DraftKings Bonuses.

Frequent Player Points

DraftKings love loyal players, and part of their way of saying thanks is offering perks and rewards for accumulated Frequent Player Points.

FPPs are cash-style online credits. It’s like a loyalty card, in that the more points you accrue, the more ‘money’ you get to spend on contest entries and other rewards in the DraftKings store.

You gain FPPs whether you win or lose contests, as long as they’re not free entry. Every 100 FPPs is worth $1, so the more you play the more you earn.

To find out how many FPPs you can gain for entering a competition, just click on the draft link and look for the information table below the title.

Daily Missions

The Daily Missions on DraftKings are unique and changing tasks which earn you extra Frequent Player Points.


Daily Missions, as the name suggests, change every day, and are usually based on a particular kind of competition (for example entering a $3 double-up contest) or a specific sport offered on the DraftKings site. Daily Missions credits are awarded the next working day.

Contest Tickets

Contest Tickets are an alternative way to paying cash when you’re wanting to enter a particular DraftKings contest.

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The main way to get these DraftKings bonuses is through accumulating Frequent Player Points. Each contest costs a different number of FPPs depending on how much cash the entry ticket is worth.

There are other ways to earn contest tickets; for example some Free To Play or Beginner tournaments offer contest tickets as prizes, so you can then enter bigger contests without the initial payout.

Flash Bonus Blitz

Screenshot for DraftKings Flash Bonus Blitz webpage, for special and extra DraftKings Bonuses.

Every Saturday, DraftKings posts surprise extra competitions in the weekly Flash Bonus Blitz, with extra contest tickets and winnings on offer. You can find Flash drafts in the DraftKings lobby. These games are very popular so be quick!

FPP Reward Tiers

DraftKings introduced the Rewards Tier system in 2016 as a new way to reward players for loyal and frequent playing.

Big FPP gains are rewarded in the DraftKings Four Tier reward system. It offers free entry into big money Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) tournaments, where the payout amount is guaranteed.

There are four Reward Tiers, based on reaching a certain number of FPPs within a one month period.

  • Bronze: Free Entry x1 $10K GPP (1,000 FFP)
  • Silver: Free Entry x1 $25K GPP (2,500 FFP)
  • Gold: Free Entry x1 $100K GPP (5,000 FFP)
  • Platinum: Free Entry x1 $10K GPP and x1 $50K GPP (20,000 FFP)

DraftKings frequent player points silver and gold reward tier levels.

You can spend FPPs in the DraftKings store and this won’t affect any Reward Tiers reached – so spend away!

Affiliate DraftKings Bonuses

If you love DFS and have a strong online presence becoming an Affiliate with DraftKings is a great way to earn cash!

Affiliates get 40% commission for every referral they make in the first 30 days. You then get 25% for referrals made after the 30th day.

This percentage is worked out based on Net Revenue. This takes into account how much referrals spend on the site and administration charges.

Becoming an affiliate is a commitment. Affiliates must refer at least 2 people every 30 days and at least 50 in a 6 month period. This scheme, however, can be very lucrative.

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