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5 Tips for Beginners to Daily Fantasy Sports

Are you new to daily fantasy sports? I suppose you’ve got an account; chosen a sport that you’re already a fan of; and got all the easy-peasy steps under your belt. And then, you stumbled into the intimidating Games Lobby and not know where to start. I’ve been there, buddy! Well, here’s 5 daily fantasy sports tips for jumping straight into the game.

1. Play to win TODAY

It is super important to adopt this mindset from the get-go to get-paid-that-night. Daily fantasy sports are different from regular fantasy sports. The entire DFS contest starts and ends in a single day (a weekend for American football and golf). You don’t have to strategise for an entire season. Instead, your only aim is to put together a line-up of the best possible players you can get while staying under your salary cap.

2. Think like a manager

You don’t want to spend a large portion of your salary on a single star player, and then find out that he’s not playing that weekend as they’re being rested. It’s like the real game – if the team has a big game coming up on Tuesday or Wednesday and they’re playing a weaker team over the weekend, the manager would rotate their lineup and play their moderate players. Get into the manager’s mindset. It also helps to check the scoring system in your chosen game and website. For example, in football (soccer, as the Americans call it), a goal is worth ten points and an assist is worth six.

You’ll want to spend more of your salary in picking a great striker and midfielder; if a goal is scored, you’ll gain 16 points!

Playon team structure for daily fantasy basketball

You’ve got a budget and certain positions to fill; distribute your budget wisely

3. Start with a small buy-in or a free game

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of contests listed in the games lobby. This is especially so if you play on a popular site like FanDuel or  (check out our top 3 DFS sites). I’ll recommend going in lightly. Dip your toe into the waters, instead of jumping straight in. The £1 big field tournaments are great for getting a feel of how it works before risking too much money and to test your strategy before heading into games with higher stakes. You could also look for single entry games or “beginners only” games lobbies. More importantly, you don’t want to duel with an experienced player in those head 2 head matches. Those guys playing head 2 head matches have usually done their research and enter the same stellar line-up in multiple contests.

Free roll contests for Daily Fantasy Sports

It’s possible to win prizes for freeroll games too!

4. Follow injuries and goals closely

These are the two key statistics that you must pay attention to in daily fantasy sports. If a player scores a hat-trick that weekend, you NEED to draft him in your lineup. If there’s an injured player, you’ll want to draft his replacement for value play. All you have to do is check out social media such as a particular team’s Twitter account, and you’ll have a big edge over DFS players that don’t.

Here’s another tip: DraftKings allows late player swap abilities. If you find out about an injury only a short time before the game starts, you can quickly find a replacement.

Injuries stats for EPL Football by Physioroom

Physioroom is an excellent source of injury-related stats

5. Learn the terminology and the rules

Once you’ve gotten a taste of the game, it’s time to educate yourself. It is very tempting to keep playing based on your gut feeling, but I’d recommend picking up more daily fantasy sports tips to make your next game even better. There are dozens of blogs and courses online that you can follow, both free and paid.

Here are a couple of my favourite resources:

You don’t need to invest a lot of time reading up on everything though. It is always best to learn with hands-on experience and applying the theoretical strategies in a real game.

Point Scoring PlayON Fantasy Cricket

For example, here are the point scoring rules for cricket at PlayON

We hope these introductory daily fantasy sports tips have fired you up to play! For more daily fantasy sports tips, see our regularly updated Guides section.

And just in case you were wondering why you should be playing DFS in the first place, we have a bunch of articles to motivate you!

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