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DFS Infographic: Daily Fantasy Sports Estimated to Become $4 Billion Industry

From grassroots fantasy leagues to a billion dollar industry, daily fantasy sports has had an impressive and turbulent history. The daily fantasy sports infographic below really captures the acceleration from fantasy sports into the popular daily fantasy format we know and love.

The History of Daily Fantasy Sports Infographic

Nonetheless, daily fantasy sports hasn’t been without its controversies. The daily gaming format has caused much debate in the U.S., because online gambling is illegal there (thankfully this isn’t the case in the UK).

On the other hand, legal support for the game has rallied in states like New York and Virginia. Thanks to tireless lobbying and open debate, it looks like things aren’t over for daily fantasy in the States.

Furthermore, this year DraftKings and FanDuel have both opened up for UK players. They have joined an illustrious lineup of European sites like Mondogoal and Fanaments. It seems like the future of DFS is looking brighter and brighter in Britain.

Check out this timeline daily fantasy sports infographic from RightCasino:

Infographic on The History of Fantasy Sports created by RightCasino

Amazing, isn’t it? This daily fantasy sports infographic shows just how much the industry has grown. This becomes particularly true after the introduction of daily fantasy in 2007.

Want a more in-depth look at the history of daily fantasy in particular? Check out our guide to The History of Daily Fantasy Sports.

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