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5 Things I Wish I Knew About DFS

So you’re tempted to start playing daily fantasy? It’s not surprising – every day, more and more players sign up to DFS sites. You want a piece of the action, and a share of the winnings.

But too often, beginners start out on the wrong foot, lose confidence, and decide to quit before they’ve even started. Before you fall into that trap – read this! Here are the five top tips I wish I’d known when I was starting out as a player. They’ll help you improve your game and – most importantly – help you have more fun playing DFS!

I’m new here – give me free stuff!

Okay, that might sound like an unreasonable demand. But the truth is that many DFS sites have great offers especially for beginners. As you might expect, this includes deposit bonuses. Here’s a handy table of some of the best deposit bonuses you can get from sites here in the UK and Europe.

Site Bonus Deposit… …to receive a bonus of
DraftKings 100% £400 £400
Fanteam 200% €250 €500
Fanaments 200% €300 €600
Mondogoal 200% £250 £500

While this might mean a bigger initial outlay, the outcome is more free money – which can’t be a bad thing, right? Some sites may instead offer free entry to tournaments as a registration bonus. DraftKings offers both!

All I wanna do is play DFS!

Get some practice

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It’s a classic story in DFS: over-confident rookies end up losing out to more experienced players. Diving in head-first to bigger tournaments isn’t advised when you don’t yet know what you’re doing. So how do you learn how to play the game? Start out by checking out the freerolls. These are tournaments where – as the name suggests – entry is free. There may be only a very small cash prize on offer, or none at all, but it’s great practice before you head for the big leagues.

It’s also worth keeping your eyes peeled for beginners-only games. Not every site offers them, but they’re a great way to play against other DFS newbies who are just finding their feet, without the risk of losing your cash to an old hand. Here are 6 reasons why you should play Daily Fantasy Sports.

Research, research, research

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Ask any successful DFS player how they got to the top of their game and they’ll likely give you the same answer – research. Getting to know the records and stats behind a player is crucial before you make him one of your picks. This will mean doing some work and a lot of number-crunching. But in DFS, as in life, you make your own luck, and in the end, you’ll end up making a difference to one number that counts – your account balance.

Know your game

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In head-to-heads and 50/50 cash games, your chance of winning is – you guessed it – 50%

Not just your sport – but the kind of DFS game you’re playing too. Playing on Sky is totally different to playing on FanFeud, for example, even though both only offer football. In head-to-head games, you’re aiming to beat just one other player, while in 50/50 games you need to finish in the top half. In these games, your best bet may be to just try and put together the most solid team possible.

In tournaments, though, just being better than average isn’t good enough. A team that’s just solid enough might get you to the top half. But in a tournament, only a very small proportion of players win. So how do you get the edge? It may be a good idea to take some risks and go for a few more obscure picks. It may not always pay off, but when it does, you could win big.

As a beginner, though, going straight for the biggest prizes probably isn’t the easiest strategy. It’s probably easier for a newcomer to DFS to build your bankroll slowly by entering lower-value cash games.

Don’t worry!

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Don’t panic if you have a bad day – it happens to everyone!

So, you picked what seemed like the perfect lineup. You might have even tried a similar strategy dozens of times to great success. But this time, it still all went wrong. What happened? The truth is that even the most successful winning strategies won’t work 100% of the time, and even the best players have bad days. Don’t worry. The key in DFS is not to lose confidence.

If you’re new and still getting the hang of things, it’s bound to take a while to get used to the rules of the game. Figuring out a strategy that works for you will take time. That’s why it’s often better as a new player to stick to smaller cash games, rather than going all out in high-stakes tournaments.

Remember that daily fantasy comes with ups and downs, and even after years of playing you can begin to doubt yourself. Don’t get discouraged! You might not win the first time, or the first fifty times (you might want to change tack if that happens). But learn from your mistakes and do your research, and you’ll get it right eventually.

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Daily fantasy can involve a lot of research and hard work. The rewards, though, can be huge – not just in terms of cash sums, but in the thrill of the game, and being part of a community of millions of players. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got the tips, go play the game!

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