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Which NFL Position Matches Your Personality?

At first glance, the NFL can seem like a complicated league to follow. Each squad includes an offense, defense and special team—all of which alternate throughout the game depending on the progress of play. Once you get into NFL, however, it’s a lot of fun and one of our favourite picks for DFS.

The variety of players and skills means the process of creating your line-ups can be incredibly detailed and rewarding. As a fun way of getting to grips with the roles of some of the major positions, why not work out where you would best fit into an NFL team? Check out our list below and start planning your training regime!

The Natural Leader

Quarterback Tom Brady pointing

Bio: You were the most popular guy in school and you still enjoy the respect and adoration of everyone around you. The centre of the friendship group, your mates are happy for you to tell them where to go and what to do. When it comes to social events, you decide what’s cool and it ain’t a party without you!

Likes: Taking control, being the centre of attention.

Dislikes: Disobedience; not being listened to.

NFL Position: If this sounds like you, congratulations—you’re the Quarterback! The man at the helm of any offensive play, you use your quick thinking and leadership skills to rally your team and communicate strategy. You handle the ball more than anyone else, so if the team wins, you’re the star.

DFS Style: Organises private leagues among friends so he can use his wide knowledge of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to come out on top. Lives and breathes NFL—so don’t even bother suggesting a different sport.


The Right-Hand Man

NFL center Ryan Kalil

Bio: You might not be the leader of the group, but you’re second in command. People know you’re the one to hit up for the latest news and you’re a skilled communicator. You’re not the biggest guy, but you pack quite a punch and if anyone oversteps the mark, you’re there to defend your friends.

Likes: Being the first to know everything.

Dislikes: People getting too close to your friends.

NFL Position: Sounds familiar? Then you’d make a perfect Center! You start all offensive plays by snapping the ball to your main man—the quarterback. After that it’s down to you to organise the offensive linemen and block any defensive players making moves on your team. On the bulkier side? You could also try out for Guard.

DFS Style: The best guy to go to for advice on shaking-up your game and enhancing your line-ups.


The Big Guy

NFL Offensive Tackle Trent Williams

Bio: You’re a triple threat: fast, strong and smart. You’re constantly aware of everything going on around you and are ready to step in and stop any riffraff in its tracks. Troublemakers know to avoid you, though, because you’re usually the biggest guy in the room.

Likes: Pumping iron.

Dislikes: People running circles around you.

NFL Position: If this is you in a nutshell, you’d make a great Offensive Tackle! You anticipate the moves of the defense before they’ve made them and you’re ready to block their advances. You have to be quick, though—you might be left to do this on your own.

DFS Style: A bit of a shark, in that his rigorously calculated line-ups often prevent smaller players from getting their hands on the big prizes.


The Reliable One

NFL Receiver Dez Bryant

Bio: You’re the guy everyone can count on to be there in the tough times and pick them up when they’re down. You have a great sense of direction that enables you to be the first to show up when your friends call for help.

Likes: People relying on you.

Dislikes: Things getting in your way.

NFL Position: You’re destined to be a Wide Receiver! You’re quick on your feet and can catch the longest passes. You’ll be positioned at the widest part of a team’s offense—so you get a great view of everything.

DFS Style: Not a hardcore player, but likes to dip into games every so often. Usually forms a line-up without overthinking it and hopes for the best.


The Handyman

NFL running back Adrian Peterson

Bio: What you lack in size you make up for in speed. Your friends know you’ll always get to places before them so it’s usually up to you to reserve tables and get the best seats in the pub. You don’t mind though, because you know they’d be lost without you.

Likes: Running.

Dislikes: Dropping things.

NFL Position: You’d be a Tailback! The offensive team leaves it to you to gain yardage. This means you have to be fast, great with the ball, and able to brush off tackles.

DFS Style: He’s built up a lot of points with careful play and a steady number of modest wins.


The Support System

NFL fullback Zach Line

Bio: You’re pretty selfless and spend most of your time making sure your friends are reaching their potential. You pride yourself on being a great source of help, so you make sure you’re good at a variety of tasks.

Likes: Cheering up those around you.

Dislikes: Failing to recognise problems as they unfold.

NFL Position: When you’re done being a hero you can sign up to be a Fullback! You use your stocky frame to block defensive players—allowing the quarterback and tailback to run with the ball. Every so often you’ll be required to run the ball, but only for short plays.

DFS Style: Enters tournaments for a variety of sports and tries to get his friends involved wherever possible.


The Tough Guy

NFL defensive tackle Derek Wolfe

Bio: You’re a big guy who stands his ground. Not afraid to get your hands dirty, people certainly think twice before taking you on! Nothing really scares you and your mates feel safe when you’re around.

Likes: Getting caught up in a good brawl.

Dislikes: Small, fast people.

NFL Position: If this sounds about right, you’d be a fantastic Defensive Tackle! Forming the bulk of the defensive line, you present a major obstacle for those pesky offensive players trying to run the ball up the middle. You’re even capable of taking on more than one guy at a time.

DFS Style: A big old shark. Don’t take him on unless you’re a seasoned pro.


The Mediator

NFL cornerback Richard Sherman

Bio: You’re the calming influence that prevents situations escalating out of control. You can smell an argument before it’s even begun and you know how to shut it down. Laid back and easy to get on with, you have a wide circle of friends and find it easy to move between groups.

Likes: Socialising.

Dislikes: Drama.

NFL Position: If that just sums you up, we’d select you as our Cornerback! When the other side attempts a pass, you’re going to do everything you can to intervene and make sure it’s not completed. Basically, you’re a pain in the ass for the offense. To be a great cornerback you need to be able to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time.

DFS Style: Likes to get involved in leagues formed by friends. Doesn’t take it too seriously, but has great instincts so enjoys the occasional win.


The Free Spirit

NFL free safety Ha Ha Clinton Dix

Bio: You find order in chaos and can’t be tied down. Not exactly known for one particular skill, you’re good at a range of things and your friends find you both fun and useful to have around.

Likes: Going with the flow.

Dislikes: Too much structure; people telling you what to do.

NFL Position: You sound like a classic Free Safety! Your role doesn’t warrant a specific strategy, it all depends on how the game unfolds. This is no free ride though—you may be called on to cover receivers, defend against passes and generally step in where possible. If you’re a little bigger and tougher, you could graduate to Strong Safety.

DFS Style: A very relaxed approach—goes for whichever sport and tournament tickles his fancy that morning.


The Protector

NFL linebacker Jamari Lattimore

Bio: You’re the leader of the pack and have a loyal group of friends to back you up. You’re not afraid to be at the centre of any drama, in fact, you’re often the first to call people out on their behaviour. You know your friends inside out and they all trust you with their lives.

Likes: Respect.

Dislikes: Losing.

NFL Position: You’d make a great Middle Linebacker! You organise the defense and basically need to be good at everything. Strategising, leading tackles, making plays with and without space—the defense relies on you to lead the way.

DFS Style: A lot of thought goes into the formation of his line-ups and he takes the game very seriously.

Now that you’ve found your true calling, don’t let us stand in your way! Then again, if your NFL career seems like a mere pipe dream, start small and try NFL as a daily fantasy sport instead. We’ve got plenty of handy guides to get you started. Who knows, you could be the next big DFS success story!

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