DailyFantasyUK’s Top Fantasy Football Tips for the Coming Season

There might be plenty of other Daily Fantasy Sports to play over this summer, but we know that most of you are craziest about the Premier League. So, now that the season’s over, what better time to swot up on your teamsheets? You’ve got no excuse!

Here at DailyFantasyUK we like to think we know quite a bit about DFS, so just to help you all out we’ve put together our top fantasy football tips for the coming season.

#1: Do your research.

It might go without saying, but so many people fail to do enough research to get a decent team together.

Obviously, stats and figures only tell part of the story, but it’s still really helpful to examine a player’s performance over the past year. It might feel like you’re going back to school but it will be worth it when the wins start flooding in!

Fantasy football tips - revising

#2: Think about your tactics.

Now might be the time to have a total rethink of those tired old formations you’ve been relying on for far too long.

Think outside the box and get your tactician’s head on – unless you’re absolutely certain that you know the winning formula, you’ve got nothing to lose by experimenting. He who dares my son, he who dares!

Daily fantasy football tactics

#3: Ignore reputations.

Don’t fall for flashy players! It’s easily done, but failing to think pragmatically is the demise of many DFS players.

Using your head and not your heart will save you tons of grief in the long run.

#4: Think about promoted players.

Who’s going to be the cream of the Championship crop? It might be difficult to predict who’s going to be able to make the step up, but if you’ve been paying attention to the lower leagues this season just gone, then you owe it to yourself to apply that knowledge to your selections this year.

Similarly, if you’ve been keeping an eye on any of the European leagues then you could be one to take advantage of the lesser-known (and lower-priced) international transfers.

Promoted players

#5: What about the international break?

We know there’s not much going on in terms of international fixtures this summer, but this can still be a key time to look at players in a different environment.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that some players involved in international football might start training late, which is obviously something you need to look out for!

#6: Give your players time to rest in between games.

You can look back at last season’s stats just to make sure, but we’re willing to bet on the fact that you didn’t give your players enough time to rest last season.

Tired players aren’t going to perform for you when you need them to, no matter how much natural talent they have!

#7: Pick players who are going to score points!

This is one of the simplest fantasy football tips, but it’s one of the most important too.

Make sure you draft in players who are going to score points, regardless of their positions. Look for midfielders that score goals, and defenders that score assists for instance.

As lifelike as DFS can be at times, the scoring system is somewhat skewed towards attackers so take advantage of ityou’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t!

Fantasy football goalscorers

Another key part of this tactic is that you need to pick players that play! Unless your selections are playing first team football week in, week out, then they’re not going to score you any points.

Keep a beady eye on any injuries, or if any players have fallen out with their managers. You need to make sure this applies to your bench as well as your first team!

#8: Know your DFS site inside out.

This is particularly important if you’re new to DFS, but applies to all players nonetheless. Maybe the summer would be a good time for you to take part in some free entry competitions, just to make sure you’re completely comfortable with your site of choice.

There’s also no harm in trying out new sites, especially with the wealth of welcome bonuses that they offer to new players. Check out our reviews section for more info.

#9: Know who takes set pieces.

This has to be one of our favourite fantasy football tipswe’ve got no idea how so many people fail to take advantage of it.

Knowing who takes set pieces can be massively useful when you need to pick up a few points, and it’s really easy to check so you’ve got no excuses!

Fantasy Football Scout has a helpful list of all the Premier League set piece takers here.

Taking a penalty

#10: Be lucky!

Okay, okay, we know… This one was tongue-in-cheek. What you’ve got to remember is that however much they may have been elevated to godlike status in our society, footballers are only human. You just can’t predict how they’re going to perform when the games kick off on Saturday afternoon, so naturally some people are going to be luckier than others!

That being said, the golfer Gary Player has a bit of advice that applies to all aspects of life, but especially to DFS: The more I practice, the luckier I get”.



At the end of the day, pretty much everyone playing DFS starts with the same base amount of knowledge. So, it’s all down to you to make sure that you’re putting in the effort to keep on top of everyone else. Put these simple fantasy football tips into action and you’re sure to see some improvement in your resultsbut don’t forget, it’s just a game!

Happy playing!

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