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Reasons to Get into Baseball

Baseball is undoubtedly a huge phenomenon in the United States, but there’s only a small number of people who’d call themselves dedicated fans here in the UK.

In this respect, baseball’s flagging behind American football, basketball and ice hockey—the rest of America’s ‘big four’ sports. However, this could be about to change.

With Sadiq Khan announcing his plans to bring Major League Baseball to London in 2018, we could be seeing an unprecedented rise in popularity for the US sport that has historically failed to attract the attention of British fans.

Here at DailyFantasyUK we think that this can only be a good thing, so we’ve put together just a few of the many reasons to get into baseball.

Any team can come back at any point

Baseball’s most unique feature is that it has no time limits, so each team has exactly the same number of opportunities to score. This means that until the final out of the game has been recorded, it’s completely possible for either one of the teams to win.

Even when a team is miles ahead, there’s no incentive for them to just sit back and relax. This results in a spirit of competition that’s unsurpassed in most other sports (we’re looking at you, football!).

The fans are super-committed

MLB is the quintessential American sport, and its fans are the quintessential American sports fans: tribal and dedicated! You’ll find diehards still going to games of teams that haven’t won for 50 years, for example.

The sort of community spirit that surrounds baseball is what’s ensured its ongoing popularity in the US.

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It’s got a fascinating history

Despite the fact that us Britons seem pretty nonplussed in the face of Baseball these days, it was actually us who invented the game.

Originally conceived as a variation of rounders way back in the 1700s, baseball was later exported to the States and developed from a rural pastime into one of the nation’s best-loved sports.

Reasons to get into baseball - its fascinating history

Baseball fans back in the day

The rivalries are amazing

Something that goes hand in hand with baseball’s long history is its intense, heated rivalries. These make for an atmosphere that’s simply electrifying. There’s a reason that the Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees rivalry is often referred to as the ‘greatest rivalry in all of sports’!

The draft can bring out some really unexpected results

The draft is a concept that you may be unfamiliar with, but it’s common across all of the major American sports. Basically, at the beginning of each season there’s a period where teams must select amateur players, from college leagues or through other avenues.

You might think that this would lead to a proliferation of substandard players in the big leagues, but no—some of the best players in history have been ushered into the limelight using this system.

Take Mike Piazza, for instance, who was only drafted in at the last minute because the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers owed his Dad a favour: he wound up being inaugurated into the New York Mets Hall of Fame in 2013!

Baseball has the longest draft period of any of the big four US sports, and this lends the game a sense of unpredictability that’s unrivalled.

It’s great for DFS fans

This is the reason you’ve all been waiting for! The baseball season consists of a whopping 162 games, so it represents a huge commitment from a daily fantasy standpoint. Yet, this is what makes it so compelling to play. After all, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

We’re sure you’ll love playing daily fantasy baseball, but if you’re not sure which DFS site is for you, why not check out our reviews section?

Also don’t forget to check back every week for DFS news, tips and more!

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