Where To Play Daily Fantasy Tennis

So you’re looking for a way to play along with your favourite tennis stars. Look no further than daily fantasy tennis!

Though it doesn’t have the largest daily fantasy sports following, compared to football or golf, DFS newbies and seasoned players alike can try their hand at winning daily fantasy tennis.

There is not currently a paid offering available for daily fantasy tennis online in the UK. However, here are two free to play websites where you can play against friends and other tennis fans:

Off Court Tennis

Off Court Tennis Daily Fantasy Tennis Website

Off Court Tennis is a comprehensive, professional-looking site for daily fantasy tennis players. It also has a range of fantasy games on offer.

You can choose to play Classic league fantasy tennis, Daily fantasy tennis, and Survival games. With Survival, you pick one player per round and cannot pick the same player twice.

Off Court Tennis also provide the latest statistics so you can make informed player picks at every stage.

Sadly, UK players can only currently enter free-to-play games, but hopefully we’ll be able to play daily fantasy tennis for cash prizes soon. In the meantime, this is a nicely designed site with a lot to offer for tennis and DFS fans alike.

Grand Slam Fantasy Tennis

Tennis ball

Grand Slam Fantasy Tennis has been providing tennis fans with a fantasy outlet since 2008.

We’ve got to be honest here – Grand Slam doesn’t officially offer daily fantasy tennis games. However, once you’ve chosen a fantasy league team, you can then submit daily predictions for the Round of 16. So there’s an element of daily strategy at least!

According to Grand Slam’s website, paid games may be in the offering.

It says on their Rules & Prizes page:

“There are no prizes at this time, but we are looking for sponsors to partner with GSFT, so stay tuned!”

Keep up to date with daily fantasy strategies and tips on a whole range of sports in our Guides section.

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