How To Play Daily Fantasy Cricket – And Where

A cricket bat and ball

This short guide runs through the core basics of Daily Fantasy Cricket, as well as some handy insider techniques to help you on your way to becoming an all-rounder.

Register for Daily Fantasy Cricket

You can’t play without registering – it just has to be done. Luckily, PlayON’s sign up process is really simple and only takes a few seconds.

Create An Effective Team

The next stage is picking your team. The number of players you can choose varies; some sites allow you to pick up to 11, and others like PlayON limit you to 7. Here’s a breakdown of PlayON’s typical team:

Wicketkeeper (1)
Batsmen (2)
All-rounders (2)
Bowlers (2)

PlayOn's Create Your Team Page

This might look a little complicated when you first look at it, but it’s actually very simple and easy to use. Player types have been abbreviated for easier reading; e.g. BM for Batsmen and BW for Bowlers. PlayON also gives you a clever ‘autofill’ option; generating a team with a click of a button. Easy-peasy!

Point scoring

The most important part – what will separate you from the winners and the losers – is the way you score.

Point scoring fantasy cricket

As you can see above, there’s loads of ways you can score, and it’s according to a positive-negative point scoring system. If one of the players you chose manages 50 runs in an inning, you get a whopping 200 points. Beware though – if your bowler balls a wide ball (now say that really fast 5 times) you’ll lose 25 of those precious points.

If you’re a bit unsure about what all these terms, like ‘maiden over’ mean, we don’t blame you. To get more familiar with the cricket jargon, check out PlayOn’s list of definitions. (Follow the on-screen instructions for cricket, then click the tab that says ‘point scoring’ and scroll down.)

The Best Sites

Although Daily Fantasy Cricket isn’t as big as Daily Football, there’s a few good quality sites kicking about, and there’s a definite movement towards the virtual sport. We evaluated a few according to their usability, gameplay and aesthetics. Here’s our top three choices so far:

  1. PlayOn – great graphics, easy to use and features other daily fantasy games such as football and basketball.
  2. Daily Fantasy Cricket – it’s all in the name; this is the most popular site for global fantasy gaming.
  3. Telegraph Fantasy Cricket – this UK newspaper gives you the option of playing for serious cash.

That’s all for now folks. We hope this guide has given you some insight into the Daily Fantasy Cricket world. Good luck!

For more pointers on all things daily fantasy sports, see our Guides section.

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