Footballs on field.

Our Favourite Football Tweets of the Week

Greetings DFS-ers! Long time no see. We took a little break because, quite honestly, England’s incredible performance at this year’s World Cup was almost too much for us to take. Now that we’ve peeled our jaws off the floor and settled back into regular life, it’s time to turn our attention to the new season.

Before we settle in to check out some of the big games this weekend, we thought we’d check in with Twitter and see what some of our favourite teams and players are up to. Here’s a few gems we stumbled upon:

Lingard Wants a FIFA Makeover

We know footballers are famous for taking pride in their appearance (David Beckham in a sarong, anyone?) but Jesse Lingard took things to another level this week. He has a bone to pick with EA Sports, who didn’t manage to get the hair on his avatar exactly right in their highly addictive FIFA game.

Everything’s Hunky Dory At Man U HQ (Apparently)

Ahhh, look—Jose’s so happy to be back with his boys. Turns out everyone can just get along. For a few snapshots anyway.

We’re All Trying to do That Stupid Hand Thing

And, finally…


This may have been short and sweet, but don’t worry—there’s plenty more to come from DailyFantasyUK this season. We’ll be checking back in with you to get down to the important stuff: your DFS line-ups. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’ll be bringing the hints, tips and LOLs to ensure you have a golden season. Until then, good luck and happy DFS-ing!

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