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Is Daily Fantasy Sport Better than Regular Fantasy Sport?

The origins of fantasy sport are somewhat disputed. Some say it began amongst golf fans in 1950. Others suggest the first fantasy football league appeared in Oakland in the early ’60s. The closest thing to modern fantasy sports appeared in 1980, when it was an idea scribbled on a napkin by a journalist.

Cut to present day and it’s a booming industry with millions of players all over the globe. But even the last decade has seen a dramatic shift in the style of fantasy sport that is most popular with fans. We’re talking, of course, about the explosion of daily fantasy sports.

The short-term nature of DFS suits us in the age of social media, where we require (and expect) flexibility and instant gratification. Yep, once you’re hooked on daily fantasy, it’s hard to imagine being lumped with the same line-up for an entire sports season!

So, does this mean DFS is better than regular fantasy sport? To be honest, depending on your personality, both versions can be a lot of fun. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from playing both (except maybe your bank balance!). Let’s delve into some of the differences and see which version comes out on top…


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We like our food fast, coffee on the go, and journeys Ubered. It’s no surprise, then, that fantasy sport that can be played and won in the space of a day has a huge following. Unlike regular fantasy sport, with DFS you don’t have to slave over a single line-up that you’ll be stuck with for months. Sure, it can be gratifying to put hours of research into a team of players you then avidly follow for an entire season. But that can mean it takes over your life and dictates when you need to watch certain games.

DFS opens up the field to people who may not have planned well in advance and just fancy a last minute play to test their skills. There’s no pressure to make sure you’re absolutely set on certain players and it’s less time consuming. Plus, it can be easier to get your friends involved if it’s not a huge commitment. The more the merrier, we say!

Daily Fantasy: 1

Regular Fantasy: 0


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While we mostly play fantasy sport for the fun of it, the odd cash prize is definitely a perk. The short term nature of DFS can go two ways when it comes to earnings. It’s exciting because you can win big in the space of a few hours. Then again, you can also lose big in the same amount of time! This is why it’s particularly suited to thrill-seekers.

Winning in a regular fantasy sports league can be all the more sweet because you’ve nurtured a particular team for a long time. Your final line-up is the result of hard work and careful calculations. Coming out on top in a contest that takes numerous factors into account and develops over a long period of time brings a massive sense of achievement. It’s an impressive feat.

If we’re talking big money, though, DFS is where it’s at. Regular fantasy sport began as groups of friends competing against each other in a personal league, whereas daily fantasy usually involves huge online communities. Sure, you’re playing against more people so the odds of winning can be slim. But more people means more money in the pot. We’re talking a lot more—there are daily fantasy jackpots over £1 million! You just have to check out the success stories to know these wins can be life-changing.

Daily Fantasy: 2

Regular Fantasy: 0



You may have noticed that fantasy sport has been in the news a lot lately. Particularly in countries like the USA, the industry is coming under scrutiny. Debates are raging over whether the pastime is a game of skill or just another form of gambling. Many states have decided on the latter, resulting in daily fantasy sport being banned. That’s right, it’s daily fantasy sport that raises the most eyebrows.

As regular fantasy sport spans entire seasons, requires obvious strategic thinking and is often played in smaller leagues, it’s easier to argue that this is a game of skill. Conversely, the instant nature, risk level and big money involved in daily fantasy sport opens it up to criticism. Many think the process requires more regulation to prevent people making bad financial decisions or becoming addicted to playing.

It’s a lot easier to compare DFS to gambling than it is regular fantasy sports. Of course, in the UK sports betting itself is legal, so we don’t need to worry about these laws. In any case, you need to be careful when taking part in a fantasy league. Be realistic about what you can spend and remember: more than anything else, it’s about having fun!

Daily Fantasy: 2

Regular Fantasy: 1


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A big part of which version you prefer might come down to personality. If you’re impulsive, change your mind easily and appreciate flexibility—DFS is for you. It allows players to dip in and out at will, and doesn’t tie them to a particular line-up. Perfect if you’re a little fickle when it comes to your top players!

Then again, if you prefer to trust your instincts and are happy to put all of your eggs into one basket, regular fantasy sport can be very enjoyable. You get to go on a journey with your team—tracking the highs and lows of your various players as they progress through the season.

In fact, you don’t need to limit yourself to one or the other. Maybe you could focus on regular fantasy football while satisfying your impulsive side with the odd DFS play here and there. Alternatively, you could spend your cash on DFS games and take part in a free or low-cost fantasy league with your friends on the side. It’s not cheating! Both can hone your fantasy skills in different ways.

Daily Fantasy: 3

Regular Fantasy: 2

Daily Fantasy vs Regular Fantasy Sports

There you have it—for us, DFS just has the edge (perhaps not a surprise). Our news and tips will be helpful to you whether you prefer the short-term buzz of DFS, or you’re in it for the long run.

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