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How to Get Your Mates into DFS

We know you guys don’t need any more convincing that DFS is awesome. But, let’s face it, sometimes hobbies are more fun when you get to do them with your mates. DFS doesn’t need to take over your life at the expense of your relationships—just take your friends along for the ride! If you think they’ll need a bit of persuading, just bring up some of these reasons next time you’re down the pub…

Sports Fans

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We’d imagine if they’re friends with you, they’re big sports fans already. In that case, why not add an extra layer of excitement to proceedings? The tension is definitely ramped up when players from your roster are involved in games. Nothing beats the adrenaline of having it all on the line in the final minutes—team pride, bragging rights and cash!

If the game’s a little slow (let’s be honest, every season has ’em) a DFS element will keep friends invested. Plus, what better excuse to have to watch all the sport you want than ‘research’? Trust us, this works a treat if you’re having to persuade roommates or partners that you need control of the remote for the afternoon. Why anyone wouldn’t want to get in on this action is beyond us!


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Often the best way to get people involved in something is to suggest a bit of friendly competition. No one can claim to be the biggest sports fan in the group if they’ve never even dabbled in DFS. Suggest putting each other’s sports knowledge to the test in a DFS head to head. Playing against someone you know is particularly interesting because it can be easier to predict their choices.

Want to step it up a notch? Set up a private league and get all of your friends to play against each other. Not only will this protect you from sharks, it’ll bring your friends closer together. This kind of contest can be a lot of fun and is likely to provide enough banter ammo for the next 6 months.

No Strings

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One of the big things that can put people off getting involved in new hobbies is the commitment aspect. Back in the day, when you invested in a season-long fantasy football team, this could be off-putting for people who don’t like to be tied down. The great thing about DFS is that it’s a short term investment of time and money. This is especially great for beginners, who may just want to try it out for one game.

It also keeps things fresh and interesting—if you get bored of your players or fancy a change of sport, just switch it up the next day! Friends can play DFS with you one weekend, without feeling like they have to commit for the entire season. It also means you can play it fairly cool when trying to get them interested. No need to pester people each week to report on how their line-ups are doing!


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A general rule of thumb is that people don’t like to feel left out. This works in your favour when it comes to persuading friends to play DFS. When you convince one or two mates to give it a go, the others should follow. The more friends are involved, the better prospects for everyone. If you put your heads together, it should be easier to interpret all of the data that comes with major DFS research.

It’s true what they say—there’s strength in numbers. You can work on line-ups together and maybe even play as a team. This minimises the individual entry costs and you get the satisfying bonding experience of sharing the wins. Take on the big guys together and, who knows, you could end up spearing a shark!

Money, Money, Money

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In our cynical times, nothing pulls people in like a cash incentive. Luckily for you, DFS has just that. Show your friends just how big rewards can be, perhaps by telling them about the biggest success stories. Now, realistically, as beginners they’ll probably be playing for smaller prizes, but hey—it’s extra cash to spend down the pub!

It goes without saying that people should only spend within their means. That DFS pro lifestyle may seem alluring, but it’s hard to achieve. If you notice any of your mates starting to get a bit reckless with their money, be sure to rein them in, like any good friend would.

Pro Knowledge

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DFS is a great way to learn more about your favourite sport. Sure, your mates might know the basics and can follow a game, but how much do they really know? Start testing each other and you’ll up your knowledge game in no time. Fantasy sport requires that you really know a game inside-out. The more you follow sports news and study stats, the more trivia you have to show off.

Alternatively, you can use DFS to get stuck into a whole new scene. If you and your friends fancy a change, take our latest quiz to determine which sport is perfect for you. Maybe you can become become experts on NASCAR or basketball. Either way, your mates can’t complain about getting bored—DFS has something for everyone!

Get Your Mates into DFS

Phew! If they’re not convinced after hearing this list, maybe you should consider getting some new friends. Just kidding! But seriously, DFS is just another good excuse to get the drinks and snacks in and have a great time with your mates. It’s way more interesting that regular sports betting and you have plenty of opportunities to mix things up. You’ll be strengthening friendships, lining your pockets, and working your brain—it’s a triple whammy!

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