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Your DFS Christmas Calendar is Here!

One of the (many) great things about DFS is that, because you can play a variety of sports, there’s always something exciting on the calendar. Christmas is no exception. In fact, we’re entering one of the busiest periods for major games! Andy Williams wasn’t lying, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Thanks to the UK and US following slightly different sports schedules, you won’t need to take a day off from DFS if you don’t want to. Then again, this is a time for giving, so make sure you show your family and friends some love. What could be more giving than getting them into DFS?!

While us Brits think that anything other than eating, drinking and napping is unacceptable on Christmas Day, the Yanks have other ideas. That’s right, their sports stars are expected to put on a show when it’s our laziest day of the year! This means whether it’s Christmas Eve, Boxing Day or even Christmas Day itself, there’s plenty of sports to watch. Sounds perfect to us!

So, let’s delve into the festive schedules of the most popular sports as 2017 comes to a close. Merry DFS-ing!


Football with a Santa hat on

We don’t know about you, but in our family Boxing Day is all about watching the Premier League while munching on turkey sandwiches. It’s the perfect hangover cure (should you need one)! All traditions can be improved, so why not boost your holiday spirit with a bit of DFS action? The football schedule this year is jam-packed, so you have a lot of options to play around with on December 26th:

Boxing Day Premier League schedule

DFS could be the perfect pick-me-up when you’re recovering from a day of family fun and festive frivolity! Best of all? You can do it lying on the couch in your pants. If you manage to make some money—bonus! Either way, it’s a great tool to keep your brain going on a chill out day.


NFL game taking place during snowy weather

As a taster course (bear in mind we’re talking American portions here) before the Boxing Day Premier League games, why not whet your appetite with some NFL? This is where we get to the (weird but useful) US tradition of matches taking place on Christmas Day. It’s even a doubleheader on December 25th! The Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders are paying a visit to the Philadelphia Eagles.

We may mock NFL players for wearing so much padding, but when you see them struggle through major blizzards to score touchdowns, it’s hard not to be impressed—we’re sure they’d rather be tucking into a nice roast dinner! Now there’s probably not much chance of snow falling in Texas, but Philadelphia could be a tad frosty.

Need your DFS fix before the big day? The NFL schedule for Christmas Eve will not disappoint. Brace yourselves, it’s a lot to take in:

NFL Christmas Eve Schedule

…Yeah. We’d start forming your line-ups in advance for this one!


LeBron playing basketball for the Cavs

Basketball is a team favourite here at DailyFantasyUK and it’s super easy to get hooked. It’s fast-paced, easy to understand and action-packed. We’re pleased to report there’s a great line-up of NBA games spanning the festive period. As we’ve already got Boxing Day covered in England, let’s once again focus on the 25th/26th:

Schedule for NBA Christmas games

That’s more than enough to get your teeth into. Plus, they’re all nicely timed so you can fit a few mince pie breaks in-between. Happy days!


Cricket match England vs Australia

Maybe you fancy something a bit further afield, say, in Australia? Or New Zealand? Do you prefer wickets over hoops and matches that are a little slower in pace? Well, you’re in luck. In Australia it’s perfectly acceptable to play cricket on Christmas Day (OK, so it’s technically Boxing Day for them) and they’ve even dragged England along too. Sadly, we’ve already lost the Ashes. But, hey, it’s the taking part that counts—right? At least with DFS you might get more out of the match than England will!

If you’re willing to stay up late, here’s the details of the two matches you could get involved in:

Christmas Day cricket schedule

This could be quite a relaxing ending to a lovely Christmas Day. Pour the Baileys, pop your feet up and watch England try to regain some dignity.

A DFS Christmas

We hope this has given you some inspiration to include a bit of DFS in your Christmas plans. If Santa Claus doesn’t deliver this year, maybe your line-up will! Just remember to watch out for those sharks, or it could be a weekend of coal for your bank balance.

Need to take a breather from the family already? Start getting excited for the World Cup early with our Get to Know series. We recommend starting with Panama and Iceland. There’s plenty of trivia thrown in too, so you’ll have some great conversation starters to use down the pub. Merry Christmas!

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