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What’s the difference between Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports?

So, you’ve heard of Fantasy Sports – you know a couple of online games that reflect real life sports where you can make your own teams and anticipate who wins, but Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)? That’s new! Here’s a quick overview of what it is, and the differences between Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports are similar, except instead of being a season long game, as the latter is, you’re able to begin and finish an entire game within a single day. What’s more, it isn’t actually all that new. The first site to launch it was in 2009, and some of the biggest DFS sites to date include FanDuel and DraftKings – both worth more than $1 million. Since then, DFS has soared to popularity, and its future looks even more promising.

If you’re still totally lost, there’s also an entire article here all about what DFS is.

Quick Facts about Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports

  • It’s still based on real life statistics and you design a team of real players, as you would with regular fantasy sports.
  • The payouts are bigger since you can play every day (if you want to!).
  • It really gets your adrenaline going!

Here are 6 reasons to play DFS.

Before you dive in though, there’s a few things you should bear in mind regarding your game play strategy…

Research is more important than ever

Research Daily Fantasy Sports

In comparison to season long games where you’d swap out players every few weeks, with DFS you don’t make any adjustments. Your research will be different, and it’s crucial that you pick the right players for your team.

A good thing to note is that how good the opponents are will heavily influence your choice of players. By opponents we mainly mean the players on the opposing team, but we also mean the people that you’re playing against. You’re more likely to win a game if you’re playing against a newbie; or against someone much less experienced.

In DFS - and since it's such a short game - the team’s overall strength of players doesn’t quite even out as you refine your player selection, so you must take into account the opposing team’s strength before picking your own.

Nobody cares for freak events

Injuries don't matter in Daily Fantasy Sports

It starts raining during the match? Your player has a tendency for injuries? It might matter when it comes to season long fantasy games, but for DFS you shouldn’t worry about it. Since the game is very short, the probability of a random injury ranges from slim to none. Plus, those injury prone players cost a lot less than the other players; giving you a very good advantage since you have more money to distribute throughout the team.

So no, there’s no real need to check the weather forecast when it comes to DFS! This is just another crucial difference between Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports.

Money, money, money.

Money you can win in Daily Fantasy Sports

If you get your research right, and you have a knack for strategy, there’s no doubt that you could win big. And by win big, we’re talking seven figures (although, you’d have to be playing every day to accumulate that kind of cash). Saahil Sud, a regular college grad, became a millionaire through DFS football. You can choose how much you want to play for per game, whether that’s in thousands or for absolutely nothing, it’s up to you.

Our top 3 favourite sites for DFS in the UK:

1. Mondogoal - Great bonuses of 200% and gameplay based on very reliable statistics.

2. PlayON - Beautiful user interface and 1k bonus cash prizes every week.

3. FanFued - Very good for mobile gaming and you get instant payouts.

You can read in greater detail why we like these sites so much, right here.

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