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This week’s article is all about basketball. We’ve set up a brief guide to take you through the different stages involved when it comes to starting out, and excelling in your first game of Daily Fantasy Basketball. Ready? Let’s go!

Firstly, which site?

There’s a few sites kicking about that offer Daily B-Ball, but before we can decide on the best one, let’s quickly run through the top three contenders.


FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball

If you’re even vaguely familiar with the DFS scene, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of FanDuel. They’re the world’s largest fantasy site, and their basketball game is one of the official choices of National Basketball Association (NBA). In fact, you can play FanDuel Fantasy One-day Basketball directly through NBA’s website. NBA also hosts Yahoo!’s Fantasy Basketball, just in case you’re interested.

So, if you’re looking for a concrete, recognised and legitimate site with a large number of players, FanDuel’s for you.


FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball

Similar in reputation to FanDuel, DraftKings is another DFS giant. In fact, you might have heard of both sites’ ongoing drama with the US Law.

Speaking of drama, DraftKings offers constant promotions, like doubling your cash – allowing you to play for big money, which makes it all the more exciting.


FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball

Most DFS sites are established in the US, however PlayON operates exclusively from the UK. Your winnings come with the national currency here; so no more exchange rate calculations in your head each time you play. Quite a relief, isn’t it? So if you’re after an English B-Ball experience, PlayON is your go to site. They also have a fancy blog, and they offer football and cricket fantasy games too.

At DailyFantasyUK, we’re—without a doubt—all about DFS in the UK. Therefore, this is the site we’ll be using to take you through the gameplay basics.

Next step, Register

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball

Compulsory and very straightforward. PlayON’s registration is simple and easy. All you need is your name and a functioning e-mail address.

Build a Kick-Ass Team

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball

This is important – you want your team to be good in order to serve you well in your game, but you must stick within your $100 million budget. Seems like a lot of money to play with, but it’ll get eaten up pretty quickly when you begin to add up player costs. You can also have your team generated automatically if you’re not sure what to do as of yet. PlayON limits your choice to 7 players:

Point Guard (1)
Shooting Guard (1)
Small Forward (1)
Power Forward (1)
Center (1)
Flex Positions (2)

How you score points

It wouldn’t be a proper game if there weren’t winners and losers. There’s a strict scoring system; according to certain aspects of the game, you could win or lose points depending on what’s occurred. It’s all measured against games that take place in real life. For example, if your team in reality wins a point, you gain 10 points in your DFS game. The person with the highest number of points at the end is the winner, and takes the cash in the pot – if there is one.

  • Game point: +10
  • Three point shot: +10
  • Assist: +15
  • Rebound: +10
  • Steal: +20
  • Turnover: -15
  • Block: +20
  • Minutes played: +3

As you can see, there are many ways for you to score points. For this reason, it can get a little confusing. Luckily, PlayON offers a list of definitions to help you out. Because we’re so nice, we’ve also put them here.

Game definitions by PlayON

Point: Scored by a player, this is a real point within a basketball game.

Three Point Shot: A goal (specifically, a field goal) that has to be scored beyond the three point line.

Assist:This is when the player passes to another player, who then scores a goal.

Rebound: Occurs when the ball, immediately after a missed field goal, is retrieved by a player – includes offensive and defensive.

Steal: When a defensive player catches, controls or deflects the ball from an opposing player.

Turnover: Refers to the moment a player loses their turn (possession of the ball) to the other team, before attempting to score.

Block: A defensive player stops a field goal attempt by the opposing team legally and without causing a foul.

Minutes Played: The total amount of time of game play, in minutes, played by an individual team player.

That’s it for now

This guide should have covered the basics to get you started in your perfect beginners game of Daily Fantasy Basketball. Good luck!

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