All I wanna do is play DFS

Daily Fantasy Sports Addiction

You’re transformed: from spectator to decision maker. There’s tingles in your fingertips as you carefully pick and choose – it’s your team, finally! The excitement, the adrenaline and the rush as you anticipate whether or not you’re glorious. The money. Oh, it is so much fun.

Wait, what day is it? And why don’t I have any hot water left?

Whether it’s your first time or your seventy-fifth, engaging in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports can be a most pleasant endeavour. But what if it gets just a little bit too much? A big win, or even a loss, could leave you craving for more. You see, there’s a fine line between enjoyment and addiction. This week’s article will help you draw that line.

Is it real life or is it fantasy? The symptoms…

Playing DFS from your pocket

Facing any addiction can be difficult, let alone one that doesn’t show any real physical symptoms. It’s easy to see when someone is indulging in one too many big macs (Sally’s double chin is getting way out of hand) – but a digital addiction? That’s more likely something you do in your private time; when you go home to unwind after work, or school. It doesn’t look or feel harmful either; I mean, how menacing does one hunched over a computer or tablet appear in today’s tech obsessed age?

The truth is, being addicted to daily fantasy sports is as real as any other. If you think you might be suffering, review the checklist below, and ask yourself a few simple questions:

1. Be honest – how much of your time is actually spent playing? Is it the first thing you do when you wake up/come home/before you go to sleep?

2.  How often do you think about it? If you catch yourself in fantasy dreamland several times a day, there’s a big chance you’re becoming a little too consumed by the game.

3. When is the last time you did something other than DFS? Have you turned down hanging out with your bestie because a big footy tournament was coming up? Such a drastic change in your lifestyle is a huge warning sign that it’s time to put down the mouse and keyboard.

What to do when the fever has hit

DFS fever

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you’ve self diagnosed as a DFS addict. Or perhaps you’re in need of some preventative measures. Whatever the case, rest assured that you are not alone.

There is help available, and you can start now by taking small steps towards weaning yourself away:

― Define your play time. Allow yourself to play only X number of games per week. If you give yourself a strict limit and begin structuring your playing time, you’re more likely to stay in control. You can use sites like coldturkey to block the websites you play the most on. Spending a little less time playing each week can have a big effect.

― Stop playing for money. The money for a daily fantasy player can be likened to what nicotine is to the smoker. It’s the heart of the adrenaline and excitement that each game brings. Eliminate this, and you eliminate the addiction.

― Talk to someone. There are a number of professional, trust worthy organisations out there who know exactly how to help you. Sometimes things are just too much to face alone – and there’s no shame in that. Your doctor can refer you to a counsellor who can get you the help you need.

Helplines and sites in the UK:

Gamcare 0808 8020 133
Samaritans 116 123
Gamblers Anonymous

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