Quidditch players in Vancouver on brooms.

6 Weird Daily Fantasy Sports We Wish Were Real

They say variety is the spice of life, and this is no different in daily fantasy sports. Although there are a fair few sports on offer so far, we reckon there’s room for some downright weird daily fantasy sports opportunities.

Especially when your favourite sport is on downtime, what’s not to like about having hilarious alternatives at your fingertips? You could also make some cash out of it too.

Check out our list of 6 weird daily fantasy sports we want to play in the future…

Rock Paper Scissors

Yahoo 2009 Rock Paper Scissors world championships match.

You thought this game was only played in school playgrounds and house-shares with mountains of washing up. In fact, rock paper scissors has its own championships in various countries.

This includes the UK, which has a yearly competition. The 2016 championship includes 250 competitors battling through several knockout rounds until one person emerges victorious. Because, evidently, rock paper scissors is serious business.

As for RPS daily fantasy, you could pick a team of players and score points based on how far through the championship they reach. Additionally, you can throw in those gnarly winning-in-three-throws bonuses.

You can even keep up with the latest news and strategy on the World Rock Paper Scissors Society website, in order to improve your daily fantasy choices of course.

Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire.

Taking place at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, Cheese Rolling has become a worldwide phenomenon. Probably because it’s so delightfully British and weird.

Competitors chase after a rolling wheel of cheese down what is, frankly, a terrifyingly steep hill. Thousands of spectators turn out every year to get a slice of the cheese action. Because what’s not to love about watching a bunch of people tumble down a hill after cheese?

Two of the ‘stud’ players of cheese rolling are Chris Anderson, who has won 17 cheeses in 12 years, and Stephen Gyde, the record holder with 20 cheeses in 14 years – definitely two players to get in your roster for Daily Fantasy Cheese Rolling!

They even have an official website. It’s very gouda.


Muggle quidditch players on the field.

As far as weird daily fantasy sports go, this one is downright… magical.

Based on the popular sport in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, quidditch involves two teams of at least 7 players on broomsticks.

Teams compete to score the most points by putting the Quaffle (a slightly deflated volleyball) through one of three hoops, before a Seeker captures the Snitch (a tennis ball in a long sock, attached to a running person). Players have got to watch out for Bludgers (dodgeballs), sent towards them by the opposing team’s Beaters.

Since 2005, quidditch has risen to international fame, with teams from all over the world taking part in various tournaments. Does this mean perhaps one day you’ll be able to play daily fantasy quidditch? We don’t know, but here’s a fantasy scoring card we made up:

  • Quaffle pass: 1 point
  • Quaffle pass on hoop: 1 point
  • Quaffle Score: 3 points
  • Snitch Catch: 10 points
  • Successful Bludger: 2 points
  • Hit by Bludger: -2 points
  • Quaffle saved: 2 points
  • Quaffle conceded: -2 points
  • Drops broom: -1 point
  • Yellow Card: -1 Point
  • Red Card: -3 Points
  • Wears glasses and lightning bolt: 50 points
  • Works out how to actually fly a broom: 1000 points

Seeming as Daily Fantasy eSports are now a reality, surely the gloriously nerdy quidditch can jump on the DFS bandwagon too?

Competitive Eating

Hot dog eating competition billboard

Yep, everyone’s favourite pastime – eating – is an established competitive sport.

Furthermore, competitive eating actually has a long history. Pie eating contests have been popular at local festivals and U.S. county fairs for decades.

It was Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest that really put speed eating on the map. The contest has occurred nearly every 4th July since the 1970s, on Coney Island. Joey Chestnut holds the record, due to eating 69 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes back in 2013.

One of the most famous competitive eaters is Takeru Kobayashi from Japan. Kobayashi holds records for speed eating pizza, burgers, hot dogs, meatballs, tacos, pasta, ice cream and Twinkies. He famously performs the ‘Kobayashi Shake’ to help force food down his throat. Nice.

At least with daily fantasy competitive eating you’ll get to enjoy the thrills of speed eating without all the health risks?

Chess Boxing

Chess boxing

The hybrid sport you didn’t think needed to exist… until now!

Chess boxing is a physically and intellectually demanding sport, where two competitors fight in alternating rounds of the two sports. Beginning in Europe in 2003, chess boxing is now practiced across the world.

To be honest, thinking about a daily fantasy score sheet including ‘Uppercut +1’ and ‘King In Check: +3’ is a bit mind boggling. But we’re ready for the challenge.

Check out London Chessboxing to find out more about what we reckon would make a stellar weird daily fantasy sport.

Wife Carrying

Team taking part in the Wife Carrying world championships.

Last but not least, of course competitive wife carrying features on our weird daily fantasy sports list.

This unusual sport requires men to complete an obstacle course as quickly as possible. All while carrying a woman on their back.

Commencing in Finland in 1992, the Wife Carrying World Championship rewards the winner with his wife’s weight in beer. Perhaps each kilogram of winning weight could equal a fantasy point?

There are multiple styles of carrying involved, including piggyback, over the shoulder, and ‘Estonian style‘, where the wife hangs upside-down with her legs around her husband’s shoulders.

Wife carrying competitions also take place yearly in Australia, Estonia, North America, the UK, and India.

While we’re not holding out hope for the daily fantasy status of any of these sports, perhaps you can gather a group and play daily fantasy chess boxing or wife carrying with friends.

For more daily fantasy sports fun, test your DFS vocabulary in our Daily Fantasy Sports Lingo Quiz!

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