6 Reasons to Play Daily Fantasy Sports

I know, daily fantasy sports can look quite intimidating. There are tens and hundreds of resources online, which gives the impression that everyone playing has done their homework and beginners are not welcome. There are too many DFS sites to choose from and you’re not bothered to read reviews or sign up for accounts.

Well, get off your bum! DFS promises loads of fun and real money. You HAVE to get in on this. Here are 10 reasons to play in daily fantasy sports contests. You can pick any sport you’re familiar with, as long as you start playing!

1. It only takes 10 minutes to play

Here’s the thing: with daily fantasy sports, you don’t have to commit to a full season! Most of us have full time jobs to hold down, spouses, children, pets, other hobbies; it’s hard to commit to season-long fantasy leagues. Enter: daily fantasy sports. You can just play whenever you’ve got time. You don’t have to check-in with your lineup every weekend or lock in a sum of cash for the entire season. If you know what players you want, you can create your lineup and confirm your entry within 10 minutes!

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Playing Games on Mobile

With these beautiful DFS mobile apps, it’s easy to play on the go too!

2. You’ll have more chances to recoup your losses

I’m going to compare DFS to season-long fantasy leagues again. No longer will you be affected by “horrible starts.” It doesn’t matter if you lose early on in the season; you don’t have to wait until the next season to even up your bankroll. Since DFS contents only last 24 hours, every day is a new day and you can start afresh tomorrow! Same goes with players’ injuries – you could account for them in tomorrow’s draft.
On top of that, there are thousands of DFS contests each day. You could technically play in several contests each night and spread your risks more evenly.

Join a DFS contest on Mondogoal

There is no shortage of daily contests to participate in

3. You can draft any player you want

Most daily fantasy sports leagues follow a salary cap structure. You get to draft any player you want, as long as you have enough cash in your budget. You don’t have to take turns with other players to draft players either, meaning that you can have the exact same draft as the guy next to you. There aren’t any strict rules to damper your game. Oh, and there’s the part about making multiple entries a night. Since that’s possible, most of us can create few lineups and spread out our bets.

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Pick team PlayON Fantasy Cricket

Here’s how you create your players’ lineup on PlayOn’s DFS Cricket -draft any player, as long as you are under the salary cap

4. The entry fees are low, prizes are high and you’ll get paid immediately

Games usually start from as low as a pound. It’s almost a risk-free environment! Many of the top sites even offer free-roll tournaments, so that you can test the waters before putting in real cash. DFS sites don’t skimp on the prizes either – guaranteed prize pool games often promise up to $120,000 in a single night.
If you win a contest, you get paid instantly. The entire banking process is automated!

Free roll contests for Daily Fantasy Sports

DFS sites offer prizes for freeroll games too!

5. You can always find people to play

If you’ve played season-long fantasy sports games before, you’ll know what it’s like having to call friends and ask them if they’d want to play with you. You’ll have to wait on other people to draft their players before you could finalise yours. With DFS, you’ll find that there’s always someone or the other to play with – after all, you can pick an entirely new team each passing day.

6. You’ll receive free bonuses to play with!

All of the market-leading daily fantasy sports sites offer cash bonuses to its players. Fan Duel offers 75% match bonus when you register and deposit, while DraftKings straps you in with 100% match bonus. There are ongoing promotions throughout the year, to pad your bank roll even further. Of course, you’ll have to abide by certain terms and conditions. You’ll still benefit from having extra cash to play with.

Draftkings Promotions for Daily fantasy sports

Here’s a taster of promotions available at DraftKings

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