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Where Can I Play Daily Fantasy Football? Our Pick of the Top DFF Sites

If you hadn’t noticed the sudden growth in daily fantasy football sites, I’m left in no doubt you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years.

Imagine taking the immersion and excitement of fantasy sports and condensing it all down into fast-paced daily games. Daily fantasy football sites offer players the chance to enjoy more games, bigger bonuses, and more chances to win.

If you’re new to daily fantasy football, or simply want somewhere new to play, the big question has to be which sites to check out. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of three daily fantasy football sites that are a hit with players old and new.


PlayON screenshot

PlayON is one of the older daily fantasy sports sites out there. By far its most popular sport for the UK is football.

PlayON has developed a site which is easy to navigate, looks good, and makes choices clear and easy to understand. There are various daily tournament types on offer – including multipliers, top 3 and progressive payout tournaments. Each comes with different levels of risk and reward.

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As well as daily options, you can also play weekly tournaments or season-long games. This is great for those wanting a taste of the more traditional fantasy football games. Of course, you can still enjoy daily games while you’re waiting to play through weekly or season-long games; so you can really have the best of all worlds.

Another big draw for users to PlayON is that, on top of football, it features daily fantasy golf and cricket. This is great for those who are looking for something different. Although these sports haven’t taken off quite so quickly or to the same extent as daily fantasy football, there’s a clear and establish player base for each, which make both these sports worth checking out.


Unfortunately, despite the quality of the offering elsewhere on PlayON, there’s a distinct lack of bonuses for new or returning users. PlayON has spent a lot of time building its reputation (including offering deposit bonuses in the past). It has clearly got to the point where its reputation and general quality is appealing enough to negate the need for deposit bonuses.

Players make do with the other perks like freerolls, multipliers and guaranteed prize pools. We are, of course, only speaking about what’s currently on offer. With PlayON’s history of switching up its bonus offerings, you never know what they might offer in the future.

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FanFeud: Who Will You Pick?

Despite only launching in 2014, FanFeud has carved a huge space in the UK daily fantasy football market. It has achieved this in no small part thanks to the fact that it chose early on to become a football-only brand; while other daily fantasy sports sites have diversified to offer different sports like cricket, basketball or golf (to varying degrees of success), perfecting a single sport has been the key to success for FanFeud.

FanFeud offers a relatively small number of options when it comes to game types. Players are only able to play weekly tournaments (so, strictly speaking, it’s weekly fantasy football). Despite these restrictions, FanFeud was one of the first daily fantasy football sites to offer Europa League tournaments on top of English Premier League tournaments.

There’s also only winners take all Pick 5 tournaments available. This means there’s little scope to hedge your bets, or make massive progressive wins. The Pick 5 layout suits a lot of players. However, if you’re going to want more options and quicker daily games, FanFeud may disappoint.


Just like PlayON, you won’t currently find bonuses at FanFeud. This king of daily fantasy football sites has established itself as a super simple weekly tournament site, with easy navigation and clear rules. It also has handy help guides (including a great podcast) to help you understand the workings of fantasy football.

For the time being, this makes FanFeud very attractive to new players looking for accessible daily fantasy football sites. However, the site might have to diversify and start offering attractive bonuses, as informed players demand more from sites before joining.

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Mondogoal screenshot

MondoGoal was one of the first in the new generation of daily fantasy football sites founded in the last couple of years. The company now has a truly global profile.

MondoGoal owes much of its storming success to the fact that it has partnered with big professional teams like Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona and Liverpool United; the site offers the official daily fantasy football platform for these clubs.

Most playe­rs point to the vast choice of football leagues to play with at MondoGoal. Players can pick tournaments in leagues such as:

  • English Premier League
  • German Bundesliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • Italian Serie A
  • Spanish La Ligua
  • Europa
  • European Champions Leagues

No other daily fantasy football site offers such unrestricted access to so many football leagues. The investment certainly pays off in terms of popularity for MondoGoal.

If you can think of a playing option, MondoGoal has it covered. On top of the staggering array of leagues on offer, you can also enjoy a huge choice of rostering options. Filter games by entry fee, prize amount, kickoff time, contestants – you name it! In the past users have been able to choose between men’s or women’s football for the same team. You can even roster a team from players in different leagues.


Despite having a hugely popular and attractive offering, MondoGoal still offers a first deposit bonus to new players. Boy does it make it even more worthwhile signing up!

MondoGoal credits new players with a 200% bonus up to a total value of £500. This is a massive bonus when you compare it to any of the other daily fantasy sports sites.

You won’t get the whole bonus in one fell swoop; it comes in the form of cashback on the contests you enter. It might take some time to get it, but this release is preferable to many other sites, and the total is still staggering.

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This has been a snapshot guide to great daily fantasy football sites for you to try. If you want even more direction to your ideal site, then you better head on over to our quiz: Which Daily Fantasy Football Site Is For You?

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