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The Fundamentals for Selecting a Daily Fantasy Goalkeeper

For many daily fantasy football players, the humble goalkeeper comes as an afterthought once they’ve selected the star strikers, strong midfield, and solid back line.

However, a wise player knows there’s value in spending time finding a decent daily fantasy goalkeeper. Selecting prudently can leave you with the backbone of a successful team.

Here we’ll lay out the fundamentals of choosing a valuable goalkeeper. Neglect keepers at your peril!


US Navy goalkeeper Ian Elias saves a goal in midair

Before selecting your goalkeeper for any given tournament, check out the scoring criteria of the site you’re using.

You’ll find almost universally that sites reward keepers for the number of goals they save, and penalise for goals they concede. However, there’ll be a fair number of different ways a daily fantasy goalkeeper can rack up points at different sites.

Though it differs between sites, generally you’ll be scoring keepers on the following:

  • Goals saved +
  • Goals conceded –
  • Clean sheets +
  • Minutes played +
  • Fouls won +
  • Fouls committed –
  • Tackles won +
  • Yellow cards –
  • Red Cards –

There is much to be gained from weighing up scoring criteria on all the major UK daily fantasy sites. On the other hand, here is a couple of observations about scoring we’ve found to hold true for most sites in our daily fantasy goalkeeper strategies:

Saving grace

Your average goalkeeper will accumulate the majority of points from saves alone. Usually, about 80% of all points on their sheet are scored through this primary duty. This is great news for anyone worried about losing clean sheets early on in the game; a clean sheet is far less important for keepers than, for instance, defenders.

Go on the Offensive

It might seem counter-intuitive, but it makes sense when picking a keeper to bear in mind the opposition’s offensive chances. Specifically, you need to weigh up the likelihood of them having shots on goal. If the opposition is too weak, or the keeper’s team’s defensive line too strong, they might not even have the chance to make saves.

Sorting your finances

Calculator with pen and paper

Scoring potential is obviously your primary concern when looking at keepers. However, it’s foolhardy to decide that the keeper with the best save record is for you without considering other information.

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One of the key decisions any daily fantasy football player needs to make, when selecting any player, is the amount of your budget you’re willing to part with to get them on your roster.

As mentioned in the introduction, there’s far too often a tendency for people to just use whatever is left in their budget on a daily fantasy goalkeeper after selecting the rest of the team.

While it’s true that there are some great but under-valued keepers out there, the decision needs to be based on a broader cost-benefit analysis of all your positions, and not just an afterthought.

The actually valuable value picks

This is where thinking about the opposition is particularly handy. If you know a low valued keeper is going to be up against a weaker side, it might be more sensible to try your luck with him, rather than pay more for a keeper considered ‘better’ at a stronger side, who may not have such high scoring potential in any given game.

Go forth and choose your daily fantasy goalkeeper!

With strategy and scoring knowledge on your side, you’re in a great position to choose the best possible goalkeeper for every daily fantasy contest you play.

For more information about daily fantasy football, head on over to our Football section. For more guides on everything DFS, we have a handy Guides section!

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