How to Play Daily Fantasy Football and Win

The most popular sport in the world has brought its game online. Daily fantasy football is exciting – it’s fast and it’s furious. You’ll want to match the game with a fury of your own. This is why we’ve put together a small guide to show you how to play daily fantasy football, with gameplay basics and smart strategies.

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The first step to knowing how to play daily fantasy football is easy: register on a daily fantasy football site. There are plenty around: why not try out the truly international Mondogoal, or even the big daddy of DFS, DraftKings? If you’re not sure which football site is right for you, we’ve created a handy quiz.

Create a login or a username for an account with a strong password; you don’t want someone to hijack all of your hard work!

Register To Play Daily Fantasy Football

Join a Game

You can now enter a league — depending on the site, you can create your own private league or join a public one to compete against strangers. Certain sites, like Mondogoal for example, let you customise your game according to the number of opponents or the max prize payout you can win.

How To Join A Contest To Play Daily Fantasy Football

Create Your Team

The next step is building your team, the most involved step when it comes to learning how to play daily fantasy football. A typical game will involve 11 players, including:

  • Goalkeeper.
  • Defenders.
  • Midfielders.
  • Forwards.

Team formations are more flexible on some sites than others. Some websites also offer 5-a-side contests, such as FanFeud and Premier Punt.

How you structure your team depends heavily on what kind of daily fantasy game you’re playing. We’ve written guides on how to roster the right players for football GPP Tournaments and 50/50 Cash Games.

Win or Lose

In Daily Fantasy Football, the game operates according to a positive-negative scoring system (based on player performances). So, if a player on your team happens to score a goal that evaluates to +10 points, but if another player commits a foul, that’s -3 points. The participant who chooses the best team with the best players, and manages to bag maximum points is the one who wins.

How To Choose an Effective Team

Each game you play will have a budget that you can spend – on most sites, it’s something like 100 million. This certainly sounds like a lot, but good players come at a price – if you build a team with all top players, you’re essentially playing with most of your money. You need to be wise about how you structure your team to ensure that you not only stay within the budget but you’ve also got a good chance at winning.

Here’s a quick overview of the different roles you can pick from, plus the scoring options according to Mondogoal:

  • Goal saved: +1
  • Goal allowed: -2
  • Penalty kick saved: +7
  • Clean sheet: +6
  • Single goal match: +3

As you can see, you can score big when it comes to the goalkeeper, even if it’s in small increments. A clean sheet is when a goalkeeper goes the entire match without letting the opposing team score. This is common in association football, and those 6 points can set you apart from the runner-up. Choosing a good goalkeeper, therefore, is crucial.

  • Goal: +7
  • Assisting goal: +4
  • Clean sheet: +4
  • Single goal match: +2
  • Penalty kick miss: -5

Defenders can also earn small frequency points on things like tackling and intercepting passes. The most important defender you can choose is one in a wider play position – these will be the ones travelling the pitch and making the most tackles, earning you points. Look for defenders with a good set of statistics, and stack a goalkeeper with a defender.

  • Goal: +7
  • Assist: +4
  • Clean sheet: +2
  • Penalty kick miss: -5

Mid-fielders’ scoring points are similar to that of defenders, with the most important position being the ones playing in an attacking position – they’ll be doing more, and scoring more.

  • Goal: +7
  • Assist: +4
  • Shot on target: +2
  • Pass completed: 0.03
  • Penalty kick misses: -5

These are the players who will be scoring the most goals. It’s important to look for players who have a good track record.

Not so fast! What you should do before you start

If you’re planning on playing for cash, or you just really want to win, there are a few things you should do before you dive in. By few things, I mean one: research. This is the number one thing you should be doing if you’re serious about playing DFS Football – in the long term especially.

The first area to research is the site you’re playing on. Find out the budget you get to spend on building your team, the point scoring system, the maximum you can win in cash, and any other rules.

Other key areas include the people you’re playing against. If you’re after some serious cash, you might want to tactically research opponents and choose the ones that are new to the game.

You should also research your players, their current statistics, and any recent injuries they may have that could affect their performance.

So, that’s it – that should cover a lot of the basics on how to play daily fantasy football. Remember to have fun. Happy scoring!

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